Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh, the Memories!

We attended Mass this morning at the Church where Brandon and William received their First Holy Communion. Not my favorite parish; however, I was Uber-happy to be at Mass with mom and dad!

Brandon and William received Communion
here ten years ago for the First time!
this Church is too Modern for me... I prefer San Carlos or the
Carmel Mission but Father Jim gave a great Mass this morning!
after Mass we had lunch together!
It's been Two wonderful days! No one is sick of me yet! 
Tomorrow Dad and I plan to hang out in Pebble Beach while Mom
runs some scheduled errands. It'll be crazy-busy out there because the AT&T
begins tomorrow... But dad wants to introduce me to a few of his Special clients. The
President of Pebble Beach is from North Carolina and his wife is an ASU graduate so they told
dad he Must bring me by to meet them. Sweet, huh? Any way, before we do that though, we need
to Stop in at the post office because I already have things I've picked up that I need to mail home!
After lunch I couldn't wait to get back home to Go through our
family photo Albums. Mom also has this huge container of loose
photos I want to Look through to see what I may want to take home
Man! Look at James in high school! Dad with baby Brandon. Brandon and William, and
there's one of me with James... And, dad next to his Bronco in Kansas, 1984 - Wow!

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