Sunday, February 1, 2009

While I slept...

While I slept my Boston Butt pork roast cooked away... Most people wake up to the smell of Coffee; however, we don't drink coffee and Crazy Nachos is on the game Menu tonight so it was roasted Pork this morning at our house. Whoa! That's a lot of Pork, which means I'll need to think of something else besides Crazy nachos to use it all up!

Yes, getting up at 7:30AM on a Sunday morning
to pull Pork does make me more than a little Nuts!
smells Amazing... even this Early in the morning!
Almost makes me Wish I liked pork roast...
Well, Hello there Mr. Squirrel! Looks like that
squirrel-Proof bird feeder is working just fine!
now he Sees me!
the Best part of slow Cooker cooking these days
is these Nifty bags... They make Clean-up so easy!
I drained the Juice out of the bag and put the meat I pulled off the
bone, er... I mean, that Fell off the bone, back into the pot to keep it
warm until I'm ready to cook. It's 8AM, I'm going back to bed!
some little Raccoon will be very happy tonight!
Look at this Face! Do you know what this Face says? It says,
If my buddy Brandon was here I would have had a piece of that pork!
It also says, We sleep in on Sundays so please let's go back to bed...
it was Quite cold last night but since I hate the Dry skin that comes with
cranking up the Heater, I just pulled out the extra Down comforter... This
3AM move was most appreciated by Bing because as soon as I finished spreading
it out over the bed he hopped up and crawled underneath to Snuggled with me!
Seriously, I thought we were going back to bed... Turn off the light
thank you, that's Better. Now please cover me back up!

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