Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a Happy end to a Long day!

After a 6 hour wait, Dr. Greene came out to Give us the Excellent news that Dad came through his surgery just fine! Whew! Thank you, God and a huge thanks to all the Wonderful friends and family we know are Praying for our family. Thank you!!

This is Dr. Kirsten Greene, the surgeon who delivered the Cure...
We think she's pretty darn Awesome!
behind those doors Dad is Waking up! Dr. Greene said he was
holding his own Oxygen mask coming out of the OR; he was awake, alert
and Charming the scrubs right off the Surgical team. That's my dad!
I stood outside those Doors for an hour past the hour Dr. Greene said
it would take for them to Tell us which room dad was being transferred...
If I haven't said it yet, Waiting SUCKS! But finally, we got the word - it's Room 504
as soon as Chris, dad's PM nurse told him the more he Walked around
the sooner he could go home, Dad was out of bed and Cruising the floor!
It was difficult to Leave him at the hospital tonight but if all Goes according to
plan, we'll all be going back home to Monterey by 2PM. I simply Cannot wait!

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