Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And, then... It did!

They called for Snow all day, and I laughed. Why? Because when I got into my truck after work to meet Scott for our Pedicures the temperature thingee inside read FIFTY degrees. Snow. Ha! And, when I left Scott to run back to the office to pick up a Friend because I promised to give her a ride home, it was STILL 43 degrees. But then it happened. Tiny flurries began to Fly and then, as we made our Way through the downtown area, big, Fat flakes began to fly. And, we clapped!

After I dropped my friend, I called Scott to report near, white-Out conditions downtown. He laughed because he was still at the salon and said there was Nothing going on there. But by the time we met in the Middle for dinner, it was SNOWING! Real, blowing side-ways, snow. And pretty, like Aspen! But without the Shops and celebrities.

And, when we walked out of the Hat (what we call, El Sombrero) we found there was Accumulation! I love snow... If the trees have to Lose their leaves and the Grass has to turn brown it better Snow. I have no use for Winter if it's not going to snow... And, if it's not going to Snow then it has to bloom. That's the rule. Period.

Yes... When I rolled down the Window my
snow fell into the Truck and all over me. Duh!
Sadly, the accumulation was Lighter at home, but Cousin It still looked
Amazing wearing his dusting. T knows how much I enjoy the snow so he
made sure to turn on the Lights before I pulled into the driveway...
for the Full effect!
the Japanese Maple in the front yard looked Amazing too! They say we
may have More overnight and I know William's praying for a Snow day from
school, but I think it's still too warm for anything Great to really happen. Poop!

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