Sunday, February 1, 2009

Crazy Nachos... sort of!

I never did get that Nap today and now the Cardinals are in the Locker room trying to figure it out. No matter who Wins tonight I'll be sad because football season will officially be over. Any way, while Bruce Obama sings, I'm going to make my Nachos and watch a little News...

Can't have any kind of nachos without my guacamole!

I'm in the kitchen now so Bing can't be too far away!

Let us begin... Chips and a piece of pork for each one

A little onion, tomato and cilantro and this completes our first layer!

for this layer I began with cheese, then topped it with the pork

I decided against Emeril's crazy nacho queso and went with
more grated jack and cheddar instead. I have to make
William's quesadillas any way, so grated cheese it'll be!

more cheese, please...

you keep doing that while I make some guacamole!

I think I'm gonna need a bigger bowl!

... that's better! Now I can add all the avocado I want!

Fresh lime juice, salt and we're good!

Just give me this and a few chips and I'm a happy girl!

he just came into the kitchen and said he's going to miss my
cooking next weekend when I'm gone. Wait! Just my cooking?

Half-time munchies!

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