Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Come to San Francisco with me!

We left Monterey this morning for San Francisco... Dad's surgery at UCSF is set for tomorrow at 7:30AM so we're spending the night in the City. First though, while Mom got ready to go, Dad and I hit the post office and the Bank. Here's dad getting a little Cash at Wells Fargo...

On we Go!
Look! We found the Golden Gate Bridge! Or, maybe it found me because Dad said
that Bridge wasn't missing... He says I'm the only Bridge missing in California!
Oh my, how I have missed you!
(click to Enlarge... because it's worth the Effort)
over to the left is Alcatraz
and, the City by the Bay
and now, just for You, 11 more Pictures of the
Golden Gate Bridge. Why? Because I love you, Silly!
can you Feel the love?
it's Like you're here with me... I can feel it!
Tuesday is a good day... I'm the only Tourist up here right now!
I have this View all to myself
and it's Good!
Very good!
just leave me here... I'll be fine!
how Lucky are we to have this semi-Clear day today!?
I can count on One hand the number of times I've taken this
photograph in my Life when the Bridge wasn't covered in Fog
I've seen it a Thousand times and I could see it a Thousand
more and still not have enough of this View!
I'll take this one... On the corner of Francisco and Van Ness
this is the First Ruth's Chris we ever went to... On Rush
Limbaugh's recommendation, of course!
the View from our suite - Alcatraz
just Below our room window
they Zip right along!
Let's go take a little Walk...
to the Souvenir stores. They are one right after the Other here
Look! There's Cooper...
with my Cooper!
it's a Beautiful, but typically chilly San Francisco day
walking over to the Wharf for a bite to eat
making the Cuts
Into the Oven they go!
future sourdough Bread bowls!
dad is saying to me, Do I look cold? Because I am!
Let's go Inside!
on its way Over to the Bistro!
I know what I'm having! Poor dad can't eat anything today... Can you
imagine being in San Francisco and NOT being able to eat anything?
ah, all the way to the Top, please...
I could just stand here and Sniff all day!
you might say their Sourdough is OFF THE HOOK!
But only if you're Goofy, like me...
the Franciscan. Mom and dad took me to dinner there
the evening before I flew to Washington, DC in 1985 and
we've had Lunch there many times since - it's a Favorite!
a Seagull flew over my left shoulder!

Alcatraz and a Seagull over my right shoulder
Look at that Sky over Alcatraz!

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