Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I did it! I confess...

Couldn't help myself...
All I did was come home and go for my Usual walk around the property
and as I passed the Tulip patch, they jumped out in front of me!
If I'm lucky, Maybe he won't notice!
The ones I cut last weekend have grown... They just get Lovelier!
The little Crabapple tree in the front yard is Showing off!
...and so is the Japanese magnolia. Not really
my Favorite, but I do love it when she Blooms
Look at my Yoshino Cherry tree today. So pretty!
The Prize of this property is certainly this Japanese Maple!
Here come the Dogwood trees!
Don't worry, there are still Plenty of tulips left
I'm thinking Yellow tomorrow...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pink tulips, For me?

When I liberated a few Tulips from his garden yesterday he accused me of Murdering poor, defenseless, innocent flowers... Well, if that's true then our Bedroom is a crime scene tonight because look what I found when I got home!

I didn't do it! But whoever did sure managed to pick
the right Vase without any input from me at all!
Nope, wasn't me. And, I have a solid Alibi for my whereabouts today...
You see, there are coworkers I bribed
with Cupcake pops willing to Testify on my behalf!

UNC Cupcake Pops?

That some of my Cupcake Pops were decorated in Tarheel
blue wasn't lost on the Biggest UNC fan in our office!
Cupcake Pops make Mondays at Hanes all better!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday sunshine, Hostas, birds and murdered Tulips...

Well hello there, Mr. Cardinal!
Couldn't get outside Fast enough this afternoon... Look! There are Hostas coming up
by the Pond. And, the fish are moving around more now that it's Warmer too!
Oh, Boy! You know what this means, right? It means I'm out here with
my Garden scissors and T's inside the solarium yelling, Run, tulips, Run!
Fabulous Tulips! Murdered, he said...
In my defense, I only took Five. He can spare five... Geez!
Five for me to Enjoy here in the kitchen all week long
Five today, maybe five more Tomorrow? Well just
have to see how long my Crime-spree lasts!

Let's make Cupcake Pops!

Ever since I began following Bakerella's blog a year or more ago I've been meaning to try her Cupcake pops. I thought about it and then I Forgot about it. Then, I saw her make them on the Martha Stewart show and I vowed to get Busy and try them. Then I forgot about them again. But when Bakerella and her Cupcake pops popped up again on my most Favorite blog that I follow, The Pioneer Woman, I decided THAT'S IT! I'm making Bakerella's Cupcake pops Now! So I bought everything I needed and began to lay the plans... Then we went to Ft. Benning to see Brandon and I forgot all about Cupcake pops again.

But when I heard that it was going to Rain all this weekend, I knew the Time had finally come!

Let's make Cupcake Pops!
Man! Red velvet cake is really Red! Who knew?
Still red.
Last night when I told T that I would be baking today he said, Yum, Bundt cake!
So since I didn't feel like Explaining cupcake pops to him, I baked him my plan B...
Here we Go! Next stop... Cupcake Pops!
Doing this to a Perfectly moist and delicious
cake somehow seems a bit strange
But as Strange as it seems, this is the only way to Cupcake pops!
There it is, just like the Recipe instructed... We now have perfect Cake crumbs!
the Best advice the recipe gives is Not to add the whole can of
frosting at one time as you begin to Mix, because I added just over
half the can and then a couple of Spoons more, and that's all I needed
Adding any more and this would be Impossible to roll into balls
See? Perfect cake ball consistency!
the Cake balls are supposed to be 1.25-1.5 inches and Mine are perfect!
I know... After I rolled them I thought they looked like Turds too... but
the Recipe calls them Ovals so that's what I'm going to think from now on!
To See Martha call them Turds go here
sliding the Ovals into the Mini-cutter to form the Cupcake base
I've never Melted chocolate in the Microwave before but anything
to keep from having to Clean three double-boilers and I'm there!
All formed! Now back to the Freezer for 5 or 10
minutes to re-set while I melt some Chocolates
Yum! Now... Where did I lay that spoon?
What a pretty shade of Blue...
and, I'm totally Lovin' the Pink!
Kinda reminds of of coloring Easter eggs! Except this is Chocolate and
this Project has nothing to do with eggs or Easter... It's late, I'm delirious!
Wow! Looks like I'm actually making Cupcake pops now!
We're Rolling now!
If there is one thing I would do differently the Next time it's
that I would dip the Cupcake bottom deeper into the Chocolate
Other that that, I'm pretty darn Pleased with my results! Not sure
I would go to this Effort or expense for just anyone though...
Fortunately, I work with fifty Amazing people worthy of just this
kind of Effort! So I guess it will be a Cupcake-pop Monday at Hanes!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday morning bake and Squirrel-fest!

It's raining... Still. Nevertheless, I love my view from the Kitchen!
Before I start baking I better run some Feed out for the Ducks and the birds
I love Dux!
Thanks for stopping by... Come again. And, next time, do bring the Girls!
Back in the kitchen we're making Red velvet cake for Cupcake Pops!
In you go... See you in a bit!
Onto the White bundt cake now... Egg whites only, please!
Ready to bake! 
Meanwhile outside...
notice his Buddy there in the upper Left corner dashing over to assist!
Between the squirrels and the Birds and the chipmunks, we run through at least three,
fifty pound sacks of black oil Sunflower seeds a month. But that's okay... They all know that
they are Welcome here, and who can put a Price on this kind of entertainment?
The man I love calls them Tree rats but I don't see it...
The other member of our Family who enjoys watching all this activity and
these sweet Creatures is Bing. See him there in his solarium off the kitchen?
Bing loves this room... He gets to watch all the Birds, chipmunks and squirrels
that come to Dine with us. Oh, and the possum, Raccoon, ducks and Deer too!
Quick! Run... Mom's coming!