Friday, February 6, 2009

to Monterey via Greensboro and Houston!

Slept zero last night... Got up around 3AM and left the house at 4:45 to make my 6:20AM flight out of Greensboro. It's been a LONG day but Look! It's only 5:30 - feels so Much later... Because it is! My clock says it's 8:30. I'm going to Sleep well tonight. As well as I can considering I won't have Bing snuggled up against the small of my back! T called a while ago to say the house Feels empty without me. He said I'm a Force of nature and when I'm not around it's just weird. Awwww, he misses me!

Hello, Houston!
Never noticed the USO at the airports before... But now that Brandon's in the
Army and he mentioned them to me I can't help but spot them right away!
So get this... The plane from Houston to San Jose... EMPTY!
I had these three seats All to myself the whole flight
Departing from Houston
I know someone at home tonight that Needs this
woman to help him Parallel park!
Busy, busy, busy
Meanwhile, back in the Cabin...
Here we go... But them first!
Okay, their turn now!
Good-bye, Houston!
The guy behind me began to Cough so
I moved up Six rows to this View
Breakfast is served
But first, Airborne time! Fizzzzzzzz
I hear dishes clinking around in First class...
I love having Three seats to myself!
Took a walk and hung out in the Bathroom for 20 minutes not because I
had to but because I'm thinking the air is cleaner in here. It's certainly a lot cooler!
Question... If there is no Smoking in the bathroom... Why the ashtray in the door?
I was courteous and Wiped the basin for the next Passenger
Another wing-shot of the Puffy, white Clouds below
did I mention the Plane was empty?
Hello, San Jose! Do tell... Why is it raining?
It's not supposed to be raining!
It's so green, Lush, the trees still have leaves
on them and the Grass is so green!
As we touched Down this little door opened on the Engine!
Thank you, God! Oh, and all the People at
the Office and at home Praying for me too!
Mom and Dad were waiting to take me to Lunch!
My mommy!
and, My dad
my Goofy dad! I made him laugh with a Lemon in
his mouth. I'm here. Life is good...

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