Friday, February 13, 2009

160 and 2777

Today is a week... A week since I arrived, a week since I was completely FREAKED out about flying from Greensboro to San Jose. All things considered, it's been a Great week! The five days before dad's Surgery were amazing. We played Tourist, I got to see familiar sights and Friends that I've missed, and the weather was Fantastic. Our trip to San Francisco, despite the Reason, was also enjoyable and Best of all, Dad's surgery was a complete success and his Recovery so far has been nothing short of a Gift!

So last night, after I unloaded the Car, unpacked our bags and all of my San Francisco souvenirs, and all the Laundry was done and put away, Mom and I settled into their bed to watch a little boob-Tube and what do you Suppose we see? BREAKING NEWS of a Continental airplane crash in Buffalo. I couldn't believe it! My ears went Numb to the sound of the television, and all I could think of was those poor people... People who, like me just a Week ago, boarded their flight, found a spot for their carry-on Luggage and settled in for what they Prayed would be a safe flight home. And then, just five miles from their destination and waiting Loved ones, they didn't make it. Ball of fire, explosion, people on the ground Killed too. Everything I fear for myself. Oh, no!

All the way home from San Francisco I thought about how well I would sleep last night. Dad's surgery was finally behind us, there was good results, a little Concern about the pathology report coming up, and a lot to remember in terms of the Medications they sent home with him; but all-in-all, I was looking forward to some Sweet sleep. Then, the news. The horrible news of a plane crash...

In about 48-hours my bags will be Packed again and I'll be on Flight #160, San Jose to Houston and flight #2777, Houston to Greensboro.

Say a little Prayer for me. 


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