Saturday, February 7, 2009

this is for Keli!

Sure enough! Right there, between Monte Verde and Lincoln on Ocean in Carmel is the LUSH store!

And, it's a BIG one!
Which, leads me to Wonder how many bath Bombs they
need to sell to make Rent in this PRIME location in Carmel!
Oh my! However will I choose? It was difficult, but I did! But when I explained
the whole they Leave glitter and little plastic Flowers, stars and charms in
your bathtub to Mom, she said, Oh, No! Not in my bathtub!
...So it'll wait until I get home, or to the Next hotel with a great bathtub!
Now, that's my kind of Happy Pill!
I sure did Enjoy my visit to Lush in Carmel today. It's going to be so
very difficult to leave. Just add this to the my list of things I miss!

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  1. OH!
    I am sending this link to my Carmel friends!
    They are due to Bainbridge Sunday!
    I am telling allll about my other Carmel friend!
    Now tell me...
    do your parent's still live in that area?
    Would we not have a ball in LUSH together!
    I will look through my LONDON pics and see if I can find any of us in LUSH in LONDON!
    Have you tried the FLying Fox!!!


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