Saturday, February 7, 2009

Only at Tancredi and Morgan...

Today was all about reVisiting my old haunts on the Peninsula and there's just no way to drive along Carmel Valley road and not stop here...

I just Love, love, Love Tancredi and Morgan!

So... I've been hunting this Piece I saw in the Pottery Barn catalog, it's the Mug holder in this photo of a Buffet they have. Don't know where I'll put it but it's a Must-have. And, there it is at Tancredi and Morgan in Carmel Valley!!

Click to Enlarge this photo... You know you want to!
Sadly, it's SOLD!
And, only at Tancredi and Morgan would it Sell for $325!
I was still Laughing when I saw this pot for $475. Mom laughed
too when she Realized this is the Very same pot one of
her Clients just brought home and thought it was a Bargain!
so... if the Small one I want was $325, what do you think this Big one
goes for? You know what they say... If you have to ask, you can't Afford it!
Still, I love Tancredi and Morgan

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