Saturday, September 19, 2015

BIKE MS 2015 - Thank YOU for your Support!

Here I am... Top row, third from the left. Riding BIKE MS
today with Team Champion for the second year in a row!
And, there I am with my trusty BIKE MS bike buddies, Valerie
and Maureen with whom I rode last year's BIKE MS ride!
And, just like last year... We met a few characters along the way!
And, yes...
He did ride every mile of BIKE MS today wearing this tuxedo!
I cannot tell you how much your support meant to me!
Because of you and mostly because of my sweet
friend, Leah who pushed me waaaay over the mark...
I reached my VIBE fundraising goal again this year!

It was a beautiful day for a ride along central Carolina's
country roads. Right here I was singing: Country Roads... Take
me home... To the place where I belong... NOT West Virginia!
Today is also my dad's birthday! He is my real Champion so thinking
about how much he supports me in all things I do, kept me going!
Like last year, I rode again for my dear friend and fellow Ranger
mom, Dr. Liz. I also just finished putting this into the mail for her!
By the way, her Ranger has just deployed again...
So if you have a moment today, I would love it if you would send her a prayer!
For those of you that have so kindly asked about my Ranger... I am
thrilled, grateful and relieved to tell you that he is doing well!
He spent a lot of time working and doing his thing out at the range this summer...
His part time job fits his school schedule and interests perfectly. And, he gets
to work and surround himself with other like-minded veterans and friends...
Clearly, I am one very happy mom! Especially when I see photos
of him like this one taken a couple of weeks ago after he went back
to University - This is the way my heart remembers him before the
Army - An expression that says war, worry, five long deployments and
too many Ranger brothers lost forever almost never happened...
I said, almost. Because of course, they did. Nevertheless, while we will never forget,
our family is picking up the pieces and we are moving on. With a few new things
to look forward to... Ranger now lives and attends college far away from home,
which still leaves me looking forward to the next time I will get to see him...
As for me... In addition to my bike riding, in May I took up a whole new
hobby. Something I have always wanted to do but did not believe I could...
Something that provides me great excuses to de-clutter my home; as
well as opportunities to shop auctions and tag sales for new treasures!
It is also a hobby that gives me a much needed creative outlet... But, unlike my
work food blogging and cookie baking/decorating, is completely calorie-free!
Have you guessed what I have been up to yet?
No?! Okay... Then, we shall talk about it a little later!
Because for now... Now that I have ridden BIKE MS somewhat like
a Champion - And, showered and caught up on my blog like
a Champion - I think it is time to give in to my little Leo here and...
Nap like a Champion!
Again, thank you for your support of my BIKE MS ride
and for checking in with me today... Especially since I have
given you precious little reason to keep reading my blog!
I will be back very soon to tell you all about my new hobby...
I promise!