Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fisherman's Wharf with Mom

Last day in Monterey.... Sniff, sniff. Dropped by to see some Great friends early this afternoon and then mom and I wandered down to Fisherman's Wharf. Oh, how I've missed it! I can smell the smoked Fish, cotton candy and Caramel corn from right here... What a tourist-Trap!

the Wharf is lined with restaurants and each of them Wants
you to come to dinner so they tempt you with Chowder samples!
Whale Watching season is coming up!
a tribute to Monterey's fisherman
there's that Snow on the mountain again!
mom and I fed the Seagulls the rest of my lunch
this Guy loves me!
I don't drink Wine but I want that Flag!
smoked Salmon and sourdough Chowder bowls
Have some Monterey Bay saltwater Taffy...
 because they have Lots!
After Fisherman's Wharf mom and I popped
into the Cannery Row antiques mall
Pink Pyrex!
Mom and Pink Pyrex... my favorite. The pyrex is nice too!
going down Cannery Row... It's now lined with Gift shops
when we moved here from Kansas in 1985, there were 3-4 shops, now
there are Hundreds upon hundreds... Which is fine, because I love to shop!
just after Cannery Row we headed back into Pacific Grove...
For the Views, of course!
and what a View it is!
Well, hello there Mr. Seagull!
I have a plane to catch tomorrow...
Bub-eye sweet Monterey Bay - Until next time...
Mom and I popped into the Commissary at old Fort Ord on our way home
to make Dad dinner... I think it's Fantastic that they still have a commissary!
.69 cents per pound for hot house Tomatoes - I can't remember paying so little...
I took home three Jars of my favorite German mustard
with me. It's Dusseldorf style - Yummy!
Amazing prices. And, I say... Good for mom and dad!
so this OceanSpray is $1.39 and has a .50 instant coupon...
Oh, and no Tax at the Commissary either... Sweet!

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