Friday, February 6, 2009

Slurpee Heaven and dinner with Mom and dad!

First, a disclaimer: The reason for my Trip to Monterey SUCKS! I hate that my Dad is having surgery and I don't particularly like traveling alone. That being said, however, I LOVE being here with Mom and dad! Love, love, love...

Oh, thank Heaven for 7-11! Had to stop for a Slurpee...
We don't have 7-11 in North Carolina so it was a must-do. We also
don't have the California Lottery so I bought a few Quick-picks too
the guy in front of me Mixed a little from each but I'm a simple Girl
so it's just coke Slurpee for me, please. I dislike Coke any other way
Back in Mom's Kitchen... Is there anything better!? I sent her these Cow
and Piggie a few years ago. They're the same ones I have in my kitchen
Mom whipped up one of her Famous salads! Tomorrow we're
popping over to Trader Joe's where I plan to buy 10 bottles of this
white Balsamic vinegar mom uses - Makes a Fantastic dressing!
There's my Mum!
and there's my Dad waiting for his dinner, watching FOXNews
German wieners - Yum!
LOOK! A letter from Brandon to read over dinner!
No, it doesn't get any Better than this, thank you...

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