Friday, February 13, 2009

Self Exploration

While dad rested and Mom went to Yoga I decided to drive up the Coast... I have less than 48-hours left here on the Peninsula so I needed to suck up some more Wave-time!

this is as far West as I can go!
and from here it's 3,318 miles to Winston-Salem, North Carolina
best not to Look down!
in, out, in, out, in, out... my Breathing, and the waves!
doesn't get any prettier than this!
sure is Different from the North Carolina coast
this Bridge isn't as big as the Bixby but it's stunning nonetheless
what a Gorgeous day!
the AT&T lucked out this week with the weather!
Time to head back into town
see them? Those are Happy cows from California
on my Way back home I stopped at the Carmel Mission. There was a
little Souvenir I wanted to pick up that I should have picked up last week
and now I have it!
I'll miss you every day...
that's some Holy water basin
Love that little bell!
another photo of the Baptismal font where
our Brandon and William were baptized
Father Serra in the front courtyard
Farewell Carmel Mission - I'll be back to see you Soon!
Me too!
Driving down Seventeen Mile Drive in Pebble Beach now...
This is the house Springsteen built. He no longer owns it. However, when he did own it
 and it was Under construction I stood in the master bathtub! It has a View, let me tell you!
That's Pacific Grove over there
this is what's going on here while I'm at my desk back at work!
this is my Favorite spot to wave-Watch at Pebble Beach... The waves
come from opposite directions so they Crash north/south, Love it!
click to enlarge and check out that Wave on the upper left!
one follows into the other
couple of Golfers calling it a day
I don't play golf, but I guess if I did this would be where I'd play
nothing beats this View
Probably what he's Thinking too!
Notice how the clouds are changing now
the wind is Changing too
one last View of the course
Tide's rolling in now
Hello there Seagull!
and you there too!
more Crashing!
I love the way the back of the Wave follows the break out in front
Click to enlarge to see the mist over the back of this wave - Fantastic!

I could never tire of this View...
What about you?
the clouds are thickening up and it's getting colder now
there's the MetLife blimp over Asilomar
beach, it's headed back to Pebble Beach
It's getting really Chilly now and my scarf is back at the house...
so it's time to head over to Whole Foods and then Williams-Sonoma for something
I want to get Mom for Valentine's Day, then I better get myself Home for dinner!

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