Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random ramblings...

what I miss MOST about living here in California
I also miss living in the House just six doors down... But I cannot
say that I miss how close these Homes are to your neighbor
or that this is what Passes for a front yard in our HOA
My mom and dad have done a Great job with their back yard
though! I especially love the little Boxwood hedge... too cute!
As lovely as their Backyard is, I needed more space than this... Where
would I put my hammock? And, my pool? Don't get me started! We
bought these Teak patio sets together... Mine is in the Solarium at home!
Back in the garage... the Reality of my trip. Sucks. I'd like to
stomp on top of this Binder as soon as we are back from UCSF
I'm taking this Map home with me... REDLEG6 was
my dad's Artillery call sign in Vietnam. By the way, that HWY 1
sign is going home with me too!
I don't miss the Tandem garages these houses have either...
I mean, if we had stayed, where would Brandon
and William have parked their cars? Impossible!
Monterey County Weekly says,
Live a Little!
I'm a Trader Joe's Kid now. Because my Stickers say so!
we Popped into Whole Foods for lunch!
I had the Pebble Beach, dad had the Bixby, hold
the bacon and Mom built her own!
first step to Recovery is admitting you have a Problem! My question
is... You drive a Lexus and you live in Pacific Grove - Why so Grumpy?

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