Wednesday, February 4, 2009

He got My mail!

Finally! A letter from Brandon... Whew! It's been a whole week and I was beginning to get a bit Wobbly. But, when I got home this evening there was a Letter waiting for me on my desk. And, the moment I saw the envelope I knew Brandon had received some of my mail too. How did I know? Because I saw that Brandon's using the address Labels I made up for him to help make Addressing letters to us a little easier for him. Because I'm his mom, and that's what I do! 

Oh, happy Day...
Brandon says, Thank you for writing - It keeps me going. Awwww.... In this letter,
Brandon also says that he has to do 25 push-Ups per piece of mail he receives. Crap!
That means in the last week, our sweet Brandon has had to do 525 mail Push-ups because
of me. Darn Army! But, Brandon says, It's no big deal, keep writing. Loving my Brandon!
I ran down a few Errands today to pull together some Gifts I
want to take to California with me so I got out my suitcase to pack
them away. Bing doesn't much care for it when we go Away and he lets us 
know by either hopping into or On top of our bags. Not sure if it means, Oh, no you
don't. Or, Please, please take me with you. Here he is tonight inside of my suitcase
on top of my bed. I know he'll miss me, and I will miss him - A lot. But at least this time
it's just One of us leaving on a trip, so Bing won't be left all alone... Which is a good thing!
I wish I could take him with me!

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