Friday, October 29, 2010

No trick, All treat!

It's that time of year again! It's the afternoon before Halloween, and I've come
home to the most beautiful picture of Autumn imaginable. For the past three
years the afternoon before Halloween has fallen on property-care day!
Which totally works for me! By the way... We've been here before. Just
click here to see Halloween 2009, and here for Halloween 2008! 
Speaking of property-care... Our riding mower dilemma has finally been solved! 
We knew nothing about riding mowers the first time we went shopping for one. Not
too many California homeowners of postage-stamp lots do. All we did know when
we pulled into the driveway of this property we toured for 30 minutes before buying
via wire-transfer from 3,318 miles away, was that the grass was high and his push-
mower, which was four days from catching up, wasn't going to get us very far!
Sitting in the driveway, staring at the tall grass, we decided to turn around... Not back to
California, but to find the nearest place to buy a riding mower. And, since we sold our house
partially furnished and my washer and dryer too, we were also desperate to locate a mattress
and appliance store. Fortunately, our little slice of boondocks is close to major shopping!
For a few years, the ten seconds we invested in our decision about which riding mower
to buy served us well. Then last week, it blew up. Yup... Our decision, and the mower!
So this time we did our homework... Which quickly indicated that
we might need to spend more than my parents did on my first car!
But this time... We got it right!
Of course, I'll never touch it. But I will enjoy watching it go back and forth...
Which apparently, it does quite well!
Is it just me?
 Or does the grass look Fluffier?
   I asked him if his new mower made the grass fluffier...  
 And after his eyeballs stopped rolling around...
 He reminded me that this is the benefit of all that aerating,
(I say, hole-poking) and re-seeding he did. However...
 I still think it's his new mower!

Happy Halloween!


  1. I'm puzzled most guys like to say it's their new toy doing it to soften the blow of the price sticker. Whatever the reason it is a beautiful lawn. And I must say a beautiful new toy. 3 cheers for the mowman. And the lady watching.

  2. My husband will pooh twinkies when he see that mower. It's his dream to have one of those bad boys. On second thought, I'm not going to tell him. :)

  3. It's still so green in your area! Here in Tennessee, due to lack of rain and frost, all our grass is brown. Your yard is gorgeous!

  4. The grass definitely looks fluffy! Can i come take a nap in it? lol I've said it before and I'm going to say it again....your yard is beautiful and I love love love it!

  5. I shall never tire of looking a pictures of your beautiful property.

  6. The lighting through your trees is beautiful! And so is that green GREEN grass!


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