Monday, October 18, 2010

Let's tour Halifax!

Good Morning, Halifax!
We arrived to the port of Halifax in Atlantic Canada just after sunrise
And I knew immediately that our Halifax excursion would bring us beautiful things to see
 And, as usual... I was right on the mark!
The second stop on our Top Ten of Halifax tour was Peggy's Cove
Where I couldn't wait to jump out and get over to the Lighthouse standing
at the eastern entrance of beautiful St. Margarets Bay. Bagpipe music
seemed quite appropriate here, since Nova Scotia means New Scotland!
 Noted with thanks...
However, I'm going to take my chances to see all of this Up close!
So that I can show it to you as well!
I totally get why photographers and artists flock to this spot! 
There's a lot of material to create with right here
 I sent you post cards that look oddly similar, don't you think?
But this work is all mine. I promise!
 This little house has the best views of Peggy's Cove!
Our tour-guide gave us quite the education on Lobster traps on the
way over. So now I know there's a parlor and a Kitchen in every trap!
I'm really happy to have been fortunate enough to experience Peggy's Cove!
 Following our visit to Peggy's Cove, we made our way
over to Fairview Lawn Cemetery back in Halifax City...
Where more than one hundred victims of the Titanic disaster are buried
Our guide, Malcom explained that although White Star Line paid
for all the burials and grave stones, many families chose to erect
their own markers so as to include a little bit about their loved one
In this case, Malcom said the family wanted to disprove the perception
that crew members abandoned their posts and/or didn't help passengers
Although I am glad to have visited this stop on our tour, it
is more than a bit sad. And, may I also say that taking all of
this in doesn't really makes me want to rush back to the ship!
Not at all!
But driving back home at this point really isn't an option, now is it?

Thankfully, the next stop on our tour was Much more enjoyable... For
me, yes... But especially for my beloved husband and Master gardener! 
Halifax plays host to the 2011 Canada Winter games. Read about that here
Standing on the busy street just outside the gates, you
would never guess all of this Calm was possible here
But it is!
In fact, you hear nothing of the hustle and
bustle going on just 10-feet beyond the gates
Which suits all of us here in the Garden just fine!
A photo without this Feathered cap doesn't seem meant to be...
So I'm moving on!
I think he's following me!
Or maybe he's just looking for his 15-minutes!

I find this garden a stunning accomplishment... Clearly, the color on the trees says
it's Autumn, but just look at all that summer-time green grass and those bloomers!
I'm hoping this visit has provided my own gardener with plenty of ideas!
After our walk through Public Gardens, our happy little tour landed at Fortress Halifax 
Which we were told is the most prominent landmark of Halifax
I think location and height have a lot to do with that. Any way,
there is still cannon fire heard every day at noon from the Citadel
Which unfortunately, we missed during our visit
Nevertheless, there was a great gift shop. Which I did not miss!
I was sad to see our day and tour in Halifax come to an end...
Because, just like St. John, I know we only scratched the
surface of all the things to see and Experience in Canada!
Just a few more hours to explore would have been great. Especially since...
Malcom mentioned a little something about a major storm due to hit Halifax... The first noreaster of the season, he called it. Now, I didn't know exactly what, this storm meant for the remaining day and a half of our cruise then... However, having been fortunate enough to survive, (barely) the final, and horrific 36-hours of our voyage - Which felt like I was aboard an airplane experiencing life-threatening turbulence, while seated in the front car of a roller coaster, during a magnitude 12.4 earthquake, I know now! And, in my opinion,
our cute little Dinosaur-towel animal darn well could have warned me!


  1. Ya know, Leonardo DiCaprio's characters name in the movie "Titanic" was Jack Dawson (J. Dawson).

  2. eine schöne Erinnerungssdtätte, Halifax danke


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