Monday, October 4, 2010

Wedding Cookies are off to Ohio!

Yesterday I finished the Wedding fall leaves cookie project I've been working on!
The bride-to-be and I spoke about what colors she preferred, but she said she
really just wants her Wedding cookies to look like the ones I made last fall
I was more than a little nervous about Duplicating the
colors correctly... But somehow, I managed to nail it!
The orange was a bit tricky, but I have my Yellow down to a science!
First comes the piped outline, and then we open the Flood-icing gates!
After the initial Base flooding, I added my yellow flood icing...
Then it's all about the Swirl!
 I think this wind-Swept design suits my fall maple leaves!
Off they go to dry!
My cookies dried beautifully Overnight. Which means they're ready for packaging!
But first... a few Glamour-shots!
This one is my favorite!
I hope the Happy couple loves them as much as I do!
I also hope that UPS handles them gently all the way to Ohio!


  1. Janet... they're gorgeous!
    What a LUCKY bride!
    I will send a little prayer into the Heavens for the nicest UPS guy ever!

    Great job! So impressed :D
    *Have a wonderful week, Janet!

  2. I think your cookies look AMAZING! One, how do you get your cookies so thick? and two, how do you get your icing to solidify? I've ALWAYS wanted to decorate cookies but never knew how to do it RIGHT!

  3. KBPrncss -

    Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words.

    If you will e-mail me at: I will send you my cookie baking/decorating tips sheet!

  4. oooh Janet--these cookies are so gorgeous! I can't believe people are actually going to be eating them! You are SO talented--they are masterpieces :)

  5. Absolute gorgeous and perfect for a fall wedding.

  6. They turned out perfect, just as I knew they would!

  7. I love the colours and your designs!


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