Saturday, October 2, 2010

This is the One I will Use!

My friend Michele's sweet husband bought her an oval Le Creuset dutch oven
at Williams-Sonoma last week. The only problem, I told her, is that he paid way,
waay too much for it! So this afternoon we took a little field trip to the Le Creuset
outlet in Burlington so that I could show her the amazing deals there! And, we took
the coupon they sent me with us. Not only was she able to get the same oval Dutch
oven her sweetie got her, Michele also got a First-quality 5.5 qt. round. That's two
for the price of one at Williams-Sonoma! Oh... And, this two-fer deal also included
two stainless steel replacement knobs for her new Dutch ovens too! Of course, I
couldn't leave without a little something for myself. You see, I think the ovens on
my display, (see here) are just too pretty to use. However, I really want to... So, I
have solved that little dilemma today with this beautiful 7.25 quart number in red!
Just check out this deal! List price, $370 - Outlet price $230. Less
35%, courtesy of the Coupon, means I paid only $168.00. With tax!
And, that includes a Replacement knob for me too! Oh, and don't worry about that
factory seconds nonsense... The sweet sales ladies at the Outlet, that would be Hope
and Donna... They were happy to open up as many as it took to get us to perfect!

So this is the Le Creuset Dutch oven that will live on top of my stove. The
one I will remove the sticker from. And, the same Dutch oven I will be
cooking in tomorrow afternoon to make my Sweetie a killer pot roast!


  1. Everyone needs a friend like you! WOW!what a savings. That is a beautiful color. Happy cooking in it.

  2. That is a hunk of meat and I'm quite sure it's going to be delicious!

    I just love bargains!


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