Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Greetings from Canada!

We went to bed relatively early last night because we
had an early Kayaking excursion here in St. John
Our first stop was at the Bay of Fundy and the Reversing Falls (read here)
This factory across the river is the Irving Pulp and Paper mill. Our guide
tells us they produce paper for Ikea and Avon catalogs, among others!
It was also Canada's first opportunity to sell us trinkets!
We saw what looked like Gorton's
fishermen braving the rapids
This is where the St. John's river meets the Atlantic...
And, get along just fine!
After the reversing falls we headed to our excursion
We've been waiting for this excursion all week!
The scenery alone was worth the wait!
 We had a small but great group!
One thing is for sure...
When we get back home we're buying Kayaks!
Do you see what I see? It's a bald eagle!
Look closer and you'll see...
Two bald eagles!
The colors are a bit late up here due to the dry summer
But we don't mind one bit
Hello to you from our Kayak!
This was a great spot to kayak
Just as our paddling tour ended,
our eagle-friend went fishing!
Speaking of fishing... At the beach it was Lobster-time!
Which made one of us Very happy! Yes... I was
the chicken option. And, I wasn't the only one!
There were mussels too. Didn't touch those either!
Sorry, little buddy. But I didn't have a vote!
After our excursion we explored St. John's
I'd never seen this before...
It's Dulse!
They have a wonderful City Market here!
We shared an eclair here... It's was Yummy!
Look! Sugar cookies!
After our tour of the market we walked downtown
To catch a cab back to the reversing Falls
For one last look at them!
It was a great day in Canada!
Now it's back to the ship where we have a reservation
at the Chef's table where he will prepare a 7-course
meal of his choice right in front of us! This also
includes a tour of his kitchen. I cannot wait to see it!


  1. OmGoodness Janet!
    I LOVE taking this trip with you!!!!!!!
    Wish Greg and I were there!
    We LOVE to Kayak!
    But I wouldn't have gone anywhere near those reversing sea currents! Scary!
    Terry looks sooooo proud of his big ole lobster!
    Greg would have been loving that Lobster action!
    Can't wait to hear about dinner at the Chef's table!
    Oh fascinating!
    Did you get one of those pumpkin sugar cookies?
    Have FUN!
    And enjoy the FOOD!
    Have you found a SPIN class on board the ship?

  2. Wow, looks like you two are having a fantastic time together! Beautiful photos! Gotta love those pumpkin sugar cookies!:)

  3. Great pictures! you guys look like your having a great time. Did Terry enjoy his lobster? How was the chicken? I can't wait for you to get back, I want to hear all about it.

  4. Just beautiful! I can't get over those eagles just SITTiNG there! They cook like statues!

    And I'm so glad you took a picture of the sugar cookies! ;)

  5. Hi Janet!
    What a great post on the Canadian part of your vacation!
    Anyone planning to go here will certainly appreciate all the fabulous pictures and details!
    The kayaking photos are so wonderful!
    It makes me want to skip school tomorrow and head north to an Adirondack lake!

    *Enjoy all the special moments*

  6. BEAUTIFUL! I'm not only talking about the Falls and the eagles and the lobsters- I'm talking about YOU and Terry! Thanks for the pic hon!

    I remember heading up to Connecticut in September years ago for work and they took us out to dinner. Everyone ordered the fresh Maine lobster and I order a dried out tough and chewy steak. I regreat that decision to this day. ha ha!

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Looks like you're having a wonderfully relaxing time.

  7. BREATHTAKING pictures Janet!!

    and I have a request.........hand that camera over to your hubby....I want to see YOU!! PUHLEEEEZE!!! I know you've have some fantastic weight loss, and I know you're still working on it......but Janet we love you and want to see you on your trip too!! ♥

    Have fun!!

  8. Holy Cow what amazing pictures! What an incredible vacation. And what about those lobsters? I'm drooling on my keyboard. You lucky, lucky, girl. What an adventure!!!! I do miss talking to you though.


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