Friday, October 30, 2009

No trick, all Treat!

I'm home! And it sure looks like someone has been
busy in his Gardens today to prepare for the weekend!
Looks like all the new Japanese maples have
been planted around my new Garden lantern!
Every Autumn I think Fall is better than spring... Then spring rolls
around and I think spring is better than fall. It's tough to make up my mind!
With a view like this, you can't Blame me!
I blame my inability to Decide on these views all the time!
Wow! Looks like he was serious about wiring my garden lantern!
All the new Japanese maples are exactly in the right spots!
It looks like Cousin It has had a little growth spurt this week, huh?
Oh, my!
I heard a rattle in the gutter behind me... Suddenly, when I turned
around, out popped this Cardinal. Seems he's having a bath! 
This week the Japanese maple in the front
yard turned this incredible Crimson color!
It's a good thing I came into the house when I did... All my
timers are ringing so it must be time to Decorate cupcakes!

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  1. And a treat this is. It's gets more beautiful by the day!


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