Monday, October 18, 2010

Greetings from Boston!

The first excursion-stop during our cruise-adventure was to Boston,
where we selected the Lexington and Concord tour. We, of course, being
the man I love, and the mouse in my pocket... Because had it been left
up to yours-truly, I think we both know I'd be on the shopping excursion!  
 However, things being as they are... Which is that I am married to only the
greatest History-buff who ever lived, we find ourselves here in Lexington!
 Where we come to pay our Respects to those that came before us. And,
who, through their sacrifices, make trips like this possible in the first place!
No matter what I say about missing what I'm sure is a fabulous
shopping excursion going on in Boston right now, I do realize
just how important what happened on this spot truly is
Just don't expect me to be able to describe it to you as well as he could!
But, we all have our gifts...
 And right now, mine is to find a place to buy a Post card to send to you!
Being true to her word, our tour-guide promised a little bit of
something for everyone. And, this is more like my something...
What a splendid looking place to write!
Now, the last leg of our tour brings us here, to Concord
Where the scenery is nothing short of early-Autumn spectacular!
 Don't you agree?
Standing here on The Old North Bridge looking at Daniel Chester French's
Minute Man statue... Most of us recognize Daniel Chester French as the
American sculptor responsible for the seated Lincoln at the Lincoln memorial
See? I learned something today, which made this a great excursion to take!  
 And so began our Fall Leaves cruise through New England and Canada!

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  1. What beautiful scenery, but I still say your own garden rivals any of the fall foliage you encountered on your trip! Funny tips on how you were able to get the shots you wanted:) Welcome home!


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