Saturday, October 23, 2010

Le Creuset Chili... served!

 After spending several hours today shopping for a new riding Mower, and arranging
for delivery, only to come home and realize that it won't Fit through the barn doors...
I was ready to come home and serve my Le Creuset Chili!
The only Surprise here was that he asked me to serve it over rice!
Didn't see that coming!
But I guess....
It's one way to go!
And, not a bad way at that!
Whatever makes him happy, right?
Speaking of happy... Some friends of mine that spent their teen years cruising
around a small town in Kansas, like I did, will understand that this...
Is another way to go...
Because one of the most popular dishes at Pinata was the Chips, Chili and Cheese!
So, no rice for me...
Because I'm in the mood for some Chips and cheese with my Chili!


  1. I think both options look absolutely scrumptious!!!! We had left overs to clean out our fridge. Tomorrow I hope to make some vegetable soup and roast peppers to eat with our italian sausages. Fall break from class means extra time in the kitchen. Give me a call if you aren't busy, I would love to have a chat!

  2. LOL, Janet, I can relate to the riding mower problem. I still covet your letter "B" plates and I will have some, soon. :)
    Your chili looks delicious! I raised my family on chili because it was about the only thing all three of my children liked. I add extra beans; pinto, kidney , red and black - all for color (and fiber). I have served chili every which way, but I don't think we ever had it on rice. Yours looks so good I think I'll be serving it to my Mr. "B" soon. :)

  3. Janet, where did you get the cone pone baking dish? I've only seen them in cast iron.

  4. Hi, Wanda!

    It came from an estate auction we attended a few months ago. It was part of a box-lot I was high bidder on... I cannot tell you what it was in the box that I was after; however, I'm most happy about this baking dish. I've used it several times since bringing it home. I'd only seen them in cast iron (and all rusty) before too - so I'm especially thrilled to have it in clean, clear glass!

  5. I love chili over chips! Anything nacho-oriented is good with me:)
    My kids love chili cheese and fritos-they serve it at school and no they ask if we have fritos :)

  6. Either way, it looks good to me!

  7. Hi Janet...
    Oh my goodnesss... I just posted about our Sunday chili day...
    My son, Jason cooked and I loved it!
    The rice on chili looks familiar :o)
    My father puts almost everything on rice LOL.

    The other guys and gals in the house would love your second version... over chips and cheese! Mmmmm

    Hope you're enjoying these last days of October. I can't believe it's going to be November. The Christmas magazines are already coming out!
    Slow down, world!
    Let's have one joyful day at a time :D
    Wishing you days filled with goodness ♥

  8. HA! I have chili simmering away on my stove and I come here and see this!!! It's like I have smellovision since I'm imaging yours might smell just like mine. We are so much alike in so many ways. :)


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