Friday, October 8, 2010

Chelsea Market and New York's High Line garden walk!

I couldn't wait to experience Chelsea Market!
For lots of good reasons... Read all about its
rich History and the shops for yourself here
We came hungry!
So we are definitely in the right place!
Now that's the best use of his image I've seen
yet. Because to us, that man has scary perfected!
Ah! There it is! Fat Witch Bakery! I've
been following their blog and drooling
over their brownies for the longest time!
Choices... Choices!
I began loading up on Brownies, fully intending to
send you some, and a Cookbook too! But then I was
reminded that we're off on a week-long cruise tomorrow
so I had to limit myself to only what I could eat right now!
Speaking of eating... It's Lunch time and this is the place!
The best place for seafood in New York City, bar none!
Even if you don't like seafood, find The Lobster Place
I'll tell you why...
Because although I don't care for lobster. Yes, it's true... I'm
the one who opted for the chicken when I booked our upcoming
excursion to Portland, Maine. Nevertheless... These babies...
Make the most ah-Mazing lobster
bisque. And, that's what I'm here for!
Oh, and we shared a Crab-club sammie. I do love crab!
And, for dessert... You know it's Fat Witch brownies!
PS - My favorite of the three, (I ate) is hands-down, the Snow Witch!
After our lunch at Chelsea Market and one hilarious chance-meeting
with FoxNews personality, Alisyn Camerotawe took a stroll
along the new High Line. This former elevated railroad track was
transformed in 2009 into a beautiful 1.5 mile walkway. Read here
Which just proves what my favorite
Master gardener always says...
Given the opportunity, a Garden will grow...
I love the the old Railroad influences in the furniture
It's just a lovely place to walk or hang out
Which is exactly what we'd love to do!
But as much as we'd love to stay all day...
We have tickets to tour the Statue of Liberty this afternoon
I'm Super-excited to do that so...
I'm afraid...
This has to be...
The end of the High Line for us... Until next time!


  1. Oh Sweet Janet!
    I am absolutely AMAZED at all that you are experiencing in NYC!
    Chelsea Market looks FAB!
    And I ADORE ADORE ADORE that Fat Witch Bakery stuff!
    How cute is all of that!
    You know I am all about CUTE!!!!!!!!
    I will have to look up that blog!
    I am so glad you and Terry took the time to go to NYC before the cruise!
    Hope you have liked your room in NYC.
    And have you eaten your street food yet?
    I sure hope you are going to be able to share your cruise on the blog as you go!
    Can't WAIT for all of those cruise and beach pics!
    Terry is looking like ONE~HAPPY~MAN in that pic!
    I know you BOTH are loving this once in a life time trip!
    Still Cleansing here on Bainbridge...and feeling great!
    Another ball~game day...and making a good dip!
    It will be hard to resist!
    Did hot yoga this a.m.!
    You might be able to do yoga or SPIN on the cruise!
    I do hope you will keep in touch while on the cruise!
    Happy Happy Happy Day Sweet Girl!
    That seafood at the market looked so yum!
    Aren't you delighted you started this trip out so CLEAN....mentally and physically!
    Snuggles to you and Terry!
    And I know you miss Mr. BING!

  2. Great pictures!! It looks like you guys are hitting all the stops. What fun!!!!


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