Sunday, October 3, 2010


 I got a lot of grief for buying a stack of Le Creuset dutch ovens
and admitting that I don't Cook with them... But today, I peeled a
label off, and lit a flame under my newest Le Creuset dutch oven!
Some said it would Never happen...
That Janet would actually use one of her beloved dutch ovens...
And, while it's still true that I consider them beautiful Art that should be displayed...
I bought a 7.25 quart red yesterday that I promised to use!
And, today's the day I stick to my word and Use it!
For a Sunday pot roast dinner no less!
I'm going in for the Flip now!
Lookin' good, huh?!
Oh, no! Drat those people who bullied me into using my Le Creuset! What
if I've ruined it, and my beautiful Dutch oven never comes clean again?
Looks like a little Deglazing with beef stock is all it needed. Whew, that was close!
Okay, here's where Le Creuset Magic happens!
Into the Oven for three hours at 275 degrees
And while that happens I'll prepare the only side
worthy of a Le Creuset pot roast... Mashed potatoes!
Time's up!
Oh, yeah!
Sunday dinner is served!
This is a Fantastic pot roast! I may never
use my Slow cooker for pot roast again!
By the way... My dutch oven cleaned up like a
dream, and I'm very happy to have broken it in!
But I'm still not giving up my rim protectors... And, no one can make me!


  1. yaaay! I am so glad you actually used it! and it cleaned up as good as new! That roast looks yummy.

  2. Oh my goodness- that roast looks amazingly fork tender!

    Is there a printable recipe somewhere? hint, hint :-)

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  4. OMG!
    I just hid the computer from Greg!
    It WOULD NOT be good for our marriage if he could see WHAT you do for TERRY!!!!!!!!!!!
    ONLY YOU my dear would be capable of COOKIES, Pot Roast and Mashed Potatoes going on all at once in your kitchen!
    BRAVO sweet girl!

  5. Oh Janet... the house must have smelled great!
    Looks amazing~
    I love Le Creuset... I have the tomato shaped pot. It keeps everything hot for so long ~
    Careful not to burn anything in it... It's a bear to get it clean after that. I learned my lesson to keep the temp on the lower side.

    Some day, I'll get a bigger piece. I have to do something about my cupboards first!

    Hope you have a wonderful week ~

  6. Recipe is my own... This was a 2.5 pound chuck roast. My rule for cooking roast in the oven is 1 hour at 275 degrees for every pound, then add 30 minutes at the end.

    To 4 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter I added 4 cubes frozen garlic (fresh, this equals 4-6 cloves) and my veg - chopped celery and 1 large white onion. Terry doesn't care for carrots so I leave them out. In my opinion, cooking potatoes with the roast is a mistake.

    Any way, after the veg has cooked, (about 10 minutes) remove it from your Dutch oven and set aside. Salt and pepper your roast, place it in the pot and let it brown on both sides. Don't fiddle with your roast or be tempted to move it. Just let it cook/brown until you see the sides are turning brown up to about a quarter inch high on the side facing you. That's when I know my roast is perfectly browned but not burned.

    After the roast is browned on both sides, remove it to a plate. Add your veg back into the pot, plus a sprig of Rosemary, thyme and whatever other herbs you love - pour in 2 cups of good beef broth. After the broth begins to simmer, add your pot roast back to the pot.

    Slip your Dutch oven into a preheated 275 degree oven... And, never uncover your Dutch oven during cooking, as tempting as it will be!

    While your roast cooks, prepare your sides... When my timer went off I turned the oven off, moved my pot to the top of the stove and warmed my bread slices in the cooling oven. That's all there is to it!

    Happy Cooking!

  7. I just left you a comment, then it said error- ugh! I hope the first one went through, but if not, then here's a second :-)

    Thanks for the recipe Janet! I know Sam would love this, so I'll have to try it.

    Also, I have an idea!!!

    You should remove the two bowls on your rack, then place the pink pot to the top. Then you'll have a space for another one! I say DO IT! ha ha!

    Monica H

  8. Yum...I know what we are having for dinner next Sunday, hopefully it will turn out yummy in my "Le Creuset wanna be" Calphalon Dutch oven.

    And to add to Teresa posts...all that going on in your kitchen, and you are still sticking to your chicken, quinoa and are a goddess!!

    Maureen G

  9. Love that you are using this one :) the pot roast looks delicious, your hubby is LUCKY!

  10. I made this last weekend. YUMMY it was a hit...

    Maureen G

  11. Wow they r nice! And nice tower rack to show them off! Where did you get that?


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