Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Empire State Building

Some tourists and many New Yorkers, I'm sure, might be
bar-hopping at midnight on a Friday night... But not us! No...
It's midnight in New York City, and we're sky-scraper hopping!
Because suddenly, despite what I assumed would
be a life-long fear of heights, I cannot get enough of... 
Seeing this... It's the Chrysler building and it is by far my favorite!
Now, this is the way to see New York!
And, now that I know that I'm capable of
ascending such heights without wetting myself...
We'll be back for the day-time views!
Good-night sweet, sweet City!


  1. Well thank goodness for not wetting yourself. ha!

    Love you Janet!

  2. Oh, Janet! That's BEAUTIFUL!!! I ♥ NYC!!!

  3. Okay!
    So DELIGHTED you conquered your FEAR of HEIGHTS!
    And I have to know!
    What kind of lens are you using my dear!
    These night shots are PERFECT~O!

  4. Fantastic city views at night! Also, Congrats on being featured at University of Cookie!

  5. Fabulous pictures! Please tell us what kind of camera/lens you use.


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