Friday, October 7, 2011

Autumn at Biltmore!

We love Biltmore in the winter. We love Biltmore in the spring. We really loved
summer Biltmore with mom and dad. And now, we love Biltmore in the Fall!
Visiting Biltmore is like going to visit an old friend! 
An old friend that just happens to have some killer gift shops!
And views!
We're here at Biltmore for the weekend...
Because this is the weekend of the Eddie Money concert at Biltmore!
As annual passholders, we receive a monthly news letter about events
at Biltmore. And, every month there is another great reason to visit!
I'm so glad we got to visit in August during Mom's birthday weekend
because the visit we planned to see The Beach Boys at Biltmore was
canceled after we learned that the Ranger would also graduate on the
same weekend. I listed the tickets on Craigslist and was delighted
to be able to sell them to a nice lady who works at Biltmore! She
loved the concert... And, we loved seeing our Ranger graduate!
So here we are, enjoying Biltmore in the beautiful fall weather!
And, beautiful Fall colors!
We couldn't have asked for a prettier weekend here in Asheville!
As excited as I am about the concert this evening, I'm looking forward
to tomorrow more! We are on two tours of Biltmore - two tours we
haven't taken yet! The architect's tour will take us on the roof, and
the private residence tour takes us to the Vanderbilt's private rooms!
After our tours, we'll lunch at Cedric's Tavern, and then we're kayaking!
It's going to be a Great weekend!
But right now, I'm taking in this beautiful evening and sunset!
They say it's good luck to see a bride on her wedding day...
If that's true... Then we are doubly lucky today at Biltmore!
I always feel lucky to be at Biltmore!
And there is more lucky visits to come because we plan to be back soon at
Thanksgiving with the Ranger, and for our anniversary just before Christmas too!
Planning our year around events at Biltmore and
the North Carolina mountains is a good thing!
A very good thing!
Good night, Biltmore!
See you tomorrow morning!
Now, let's go see Eddie Money!
Way up there on the hill...
Overlooking Biltmore!
Only those mountains could make Biltmore look small!
And, that Sunset... Wow!
From Mr. Money-bags down there...
To Mr. Money up here!


  1. Nice photographs. We also visit there often and love it even more in winter when there aren't so many people.

  2. Hoping you enjoyed your weekend. I certainly enjoyed your beautiful and stunning photographs. Took my breath away some of them!

  3. What spectacular photos! Fall is my favorite season and this place looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!


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