Monday, December 13, 2010

Upgraded Greetings from The Grove Park Inn!

Our visit to The Grove Park Inn has been wonderful!
However, there were a few issues with the room we were assigned
in the Historic part of the Inn. After letting the front desk know, we...
Braved the bitter cold to go explore...
It was Spectacular! And, we are going back... This evening for
we upgraded to the annual pass to visit again in the spring!
I have tons more to show and tell you about our experience at Biltmore but
that will have to wait until there's more time. For now I want to show you
what happened after we received a call from The Grove Park apologizing for the
issues with our room. You see, when we returned to the Inn we were invited to
a complimentary upgrade to the Club Floor Level. And, what a difference! 
Only a Club Floor key will stop the elevator here... Where no one under 18 is allowed!
We were told the view from our room would be improved, and it certainly is!
Speaking of improved views... Oh, my!
Access to the Grove Park Spa is complimentary for Club Level guests too. This also
means access to the Grove Park's 11 pools, which I understand are magnificent!
We plan to wear our special Club Level robes to explore the pools
later this evening. But after that... This is where you'll find me!
A very special thanks to The Grove Park Inn for this upgrade, and
for making our 25th wedding anniversary even more special!


  1. Wow....such a beautiful room! My husband and I also went to the Biltmore for our 1st Anniversary in 2006 when it was decorated for Christmas. Such a spectacular place. We stayed in the town of Black Mountain at the Red Rocker Inn Bed & Breakfast. Loved it! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. Ohhhhh Janet. You lucky, lucky girl. What an amazing room! What an AWESOME tub. If I were there, that's where I'd stay. In that tub with a bottle of champagne and maybe some chocolate. There's plenty of room for two you know. I can be there in 24 hours. :)

  3. Oh I smiled so BIG when I saw you in that mirror!
    Too cute!
    Now that's more like it!
    Even though I love the old historic rooms...I'll have to admit...for an anniversary...this was PERFECT!
    I know you all CELEBRATED big time in that lap of complete luxury!
    And SNOW!
    I know that made the trip so magical!
    That Biltmore is AMAZING!
    I just can't imagine what the Christmas tour was like.
    SNuggles to you!
    I love it that you and Terry make such great MAGIC together!
    Such a perfect pair!
    I wish you many many more years of BLISS!
    I bet you loved plopping your LUSH bath bombs in that big tub!!!!!!!

  4. SPECTACULAR!!!! what a beautiful place Janet!!! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

  5. Hey hot momma standing in the shower! You're looking fabulous these days :-)

    I can't believe there's a Christmas tree in your room!


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