Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I chose The Dining Room at the Inn on Biltmore Estate
for dinner to celebrate Mom's 70th birthday! 
I wanted it to be a very special meal experience
Because my parents certainly...
Deserve it!
We began with a champagne toast, the Lemon poached shrimp cocktail, Heirloom
tomatoes and Estate garden salad. Then mom and dad chose the Atlantic Halibut... 
While the man I love chose the pork tenderloin, featured on the menu as
Chef Boyer's winning dish from the 2010 Western North Carolina Chef's
Challenge competition. You can read more about that event here 
After our attendant described the Surf and Turf special, I agreed to make it
my dish because you-know-who said he was dying for a bite of filet and
a scallop to go along with his pork tenderloin. And, as you can plainly
see, the scallop disappeared before I could even snap a photo! 
Unfortunately, my steak and baked potato was delivered severely
over-cooked. And, when the replacement filet arrived bleeding, I
decided to forgo my dinner and just enjoy this evening with...
Which of course, was a triumph no Chef could deliver!
I do want to thank Chef for the dessert he sent out, and the Staff
at The Dining Room because their service was impeccable!
Happy Birthday, Mom!
 Thank you for being here to Celebrate your special day with us!


  1. Hi Janet, Looks like you're having a great time with your folks especially at the Biltmore. By the way, what was your mom's dessert?
    AL from CA

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to one of the CUTEST ladies ever! What a treat!
    Sad your steak didn't turn out!
    Hopefully those HAPPY desserts were compliments of the Chef. ;o)
    At least Terry grabbed the scallop before the plate was sent back! ;o)
    I know you guys are having a blast!
    LOVE to you and hugs to your adorable mom!
    ENJOY janet!

  3. Oh!
    It looks like your mom has the heart bracelet from Tiffany's!
    Greg gave me that bracelet for 10 year anniversary this summer!

  4. Awww...Happy Happy Birthday to your Mom. I'm so glad you were able to celebrate with her. She (and your Dad) look like they're so much fun and that they enjoy life.

    You're lucky to be surrounded by so much love!

    Mary Kay

  5. OMG! That first picture is breathtaking. What a handsome couple your parent's are. They certainly look content.
    Your evening and your dinner looks and sounded spectacular and so nice that you were able to spend this very special time with your parents.

  6. I've been visiting the blog regularly as my work at the office has been fairly light. It was fantastic to see Brandon's pictures, he looks so proud - I know that you are - Terry and Janet - so proud of him. Hell, I'm proud of him also. It was great to get the call from Terry the other night telling me of the news. I've shown mom the site and she loved seeing Brandon's pancake affair. Not sure if she'll continue looking, I bookmarked the site but her technology curve is far too behind to allow her to continue exploring.

    Tears welded up in my eyes as I read the note from Brandon telling his father that he was going to tab him - that is what parenting is all about.

    Beautiful blog Janet, I enjoy it every time I view it.

    Love you both...Doug


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