Saturday, April 2, 2011

A birthday at Biltmore!

Wishing the man I love a Very happy birthday at Biltmore today!
Although it was a bit Windy... I've decided I prefer fluffy clouds
and blue skies to the weather the last time we visited Biltmore!
We're visiting today not only because it's his birthday and this is a pretty sweet way
to spend any day... But also because it's the first day of the Festival of Flowers!
And, we all know what huge fans of Spring and Flowers we are!
Check out this Spring view!
It's almost like the one we left at home today... Minus the mountains, of course! 
Vanderbilt couldn't have chosen a prettier spot in Asheville!
The view from every area around the house is stunning!
I was so happy to return to Biltmore... 
Because now that we've experienced it at Christmas, we have a real...
Appreciation for how the light and the time of year changes it!
Although it's the same house, everything inside, and
on the outside looked completely different today!
It's difficult to say which way we enjoyed Biltmore more!
But since we have another visit planned for later this Spring and another this Fall...
We still have much to compare before a final
choice for a favorite time can be determined!
I have a feeling that there will be many favorites!
I mean, honestly! How could one be expected to choose?
Personally, I refuse!
I'm going to love Biltmore all year long...
For many reasons!
Exploring Vanderbilt's bass pond, (yes, he called this a pond) was impossible last time...
However, today we took full advantage of the weather to get up-close and personal!
We even ventured down to the waterfall!

And found it was well worth venturing down to see!

After the house, the gardens and more than a couple of trips to the
gift shops at both, we ended up back at Cedric's Tavern for lunch! 
And of course, no visit to Asheville is complete without a visit to our Grove Park Inn!
It's still Spectacular!
And even better than it was last cold December! 
Sunset at the Grove Park... A pretty great way to end a birthday!


  1. Beautiful! I would love to explore Biltmore. I am glad that you had such a nice time there together. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  2. You always take such beautiful pictures of your adventures! Glad you had a fun time! =)

  3. What splendid beauty you have shared. It is people like you that are so thoughtful in doing this,that make it possible for people like me to see parts of the country I would never see otherwise. Thanks!

  4. What a fantastic place to spend a Birthday. Best wishes. Absolutely jaw-dropping pictures.

  5. Oh my look at those beautiful flowers and cupcakes! Spectacular! And can I mention how skinny you are becoming? You look fantastic!

  6. What a great place to spend a birthday. April 2nd is my grandpa's birthday too! Hope he had a great day. :-)


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