Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Auction Find!

We attended another Terrific estate auction yesterday!
And, when I saw these Brazilian cherry Adirondacks sitting in the front yard
at the sale, I knew they would be sitting right here on our property today!
There was competition from one couple who stopped specifically to inquire about
them as they passed by the sale. The auctioneer put them up as choice, which meant
that for your winning bid you could take one or take them all. I was high bidder at $65;
however, I opted to take only four. It was a gamble, but if the other couple had no use
for the single chair, it meant that when it came back up for bids, I'd have no trouble
getting it for whatever the opening bid had to be. It was a gamble, but I was willing
to settle for four chairs if I had to. In the end, it paid off because the other couple
walked away, (very unhappy) so chair number five was mine for only $25!
That's a little estate auction bidding 101 for you! And for me, I got these handsome
Adirondacks, which retailed in their day for $300, each - for a song! I have always
wanted to own this style of Adirondack chair with straight backs. The more common
style Adirondack reclines too much for me, which leaves me resting on my tailbone,
which is anything but comfortable. And, comfort is key when I'm relaxing outside!
If they could see them, I know the other couple would agree...
That these chairs belong here with me!
After they are refinished, three will go around the firepit... And
the other two will go down on the deck overlooking the Koi pond!
I love winning!
Speaking of winning... I picked up this little garden bell a few weeks ago at
at the Dublin antique fair up in Virginia! It has the most charming tone,
almost like a wind chime. It really helps when I need to get his attention!
Another find at yesterday's auction is this little mahogany magazine rack!
I was high bidder at only $15!
When it was handed to me, Army dad suggested that I should just read
my magazines instead of buying more baskets and racks to hold them...
Clearly, I'm the only out-of-the-box-thinker on this team... Because
I happen to think this is the perfect piece to hold my MBP and iPad!
Huh, Bingee? Daddy's so silly!
Let's go outside and sit in our new chairs for a while!


  1. Beautiful chairs, but the thing that caught my eye were your, love, love hedgehogs. Remind me of parents have one that lives at the bottom of their garden, the feed it milk and bread!

  2. Thanks for the message, if you ever visit England, which is where my parents live, you may see a hedgehog, they are numerous over there!

  3. I've never been to an auction so thanks for that little 101 on bidding (I'll use it should I ever go).

    Love the chairs, perfect for your property and that bell...oh my!

  4. The chairs look sound and sturdy. What a deal. I love them and don't want to think of what we paid for ours.


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