Thursday, August 18, 2011

Biltmore House and Inn with Mom and Dad!

The last time (see here) we visited Biltmore I stood in this spot
down in Antler Village, threw in some coins and made a wish...
And, Look at that... My wish came true!
We're here in Asheville at Biltmore House...
With Mom and Dad!
We toured the house...
Then mom and I crushed the gift shops...
Which means we'll have to find a way to distract our guys
between the hours of five and seven when our purchases
will be delivered to our rooms at the Inn at Biltmore!
Maybe we'll take an evening tour of the house to view the sunset
And chill some more on George Vanderbilt's terrace!
After our tour of Biltmore House and lunch at Cedric's Tavern
we headed back to the Inn for naps before our dinner...
My gift to mom and dad for mom's 70th birthday is
this trip, and this beautiful King room with balcony!
Because the Vanderbilt's and I want them to enjoy themselves to the fullest!
I cannot wait for them to wake up tomorrow
morning to another beautiful mountain view!
This is mom and dad's bathroom
And, tub!
Not quite like George Vanderbilt's tub at
the main house, but it will certainly do!
I love how spacious the rooms are!
Army dad and I are right next door...
In our King Premier room!
Equally as plush...
Minus the terrace balcony but Plus the jetted tub!
I brought along Lush bathbombs... A few for me, a couple for mom!
I like huge bathrooms... A lot!
We're off to dinner now then back to Biltmore house to watch the sunset!

I wish to thank Jennie Phillips, Guest Historian and current Employee of the Month at the Inn on Biltmore Estate for her special attention during check in. Jennie went out of her way to ensure we had the very best accommodations, and because of her effort I know we'll be making the Inn on Biltmore Estate our go-to destination for our future visits to Asheville. Sorry, Grove Park!


  1. Make me SMILE!
    I smiled the entire way through this post!
    I know how it is to WISH your parent's could be with you in the special places that you love.
    I'm so glad you're wish came true!
    It just makes my HEART beam for you to see your mom and dad at the Biltmore enjoying this special place near and dear to you.
    It almost makes me cry.
    Cry because I so yearn for my parent's to come and experience my new world here in the Northwest.
    I'm afraid this wish may not come true.
    My mother is afraid of flying and my dad keeps making a HUGE deal about them driving cross country.
    This is a sad reality I have had to face! ;o(
    A real heart~break~ache for me.
    LOVE those LUSH bath bombs!
    You really know how to TREAT yourself and SPOIL those that you LOVE!
    Love it all sweet girl!
    ENJOY waking up to the MAGIC of the MOUNTAINS tomorrow!
    I know that bed is beyond comfy! ENJOY! xo

  2. Oh don't you just love Biltmore? I used to live in Mars Hill, NC, which is just about 20 miles further up the mountain from Asheville and I visited several times throughout the nearly 2 years I was there. Such a great place to just wander around. Enjoy the rest of your visit!

  3. We are moving to Greenville (an hour away from Biltmore) and I am SO excited to visit there. :) Thanks for sharing your fun mini with us. :)

    A Bowl Full of Lemons


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