Wednesday, October 26, 2011

As they say in the South... It's Fall, y'all!

 The mums on the porch are up... Therefore, I'm calling it officially Fall!
And, back here in the yard... It's seriously Official!
Everywhere I look, it's autumn color!
It's also the messiest time of year on our property...
Everything seems so hap-hazard...
And very out of place where I prefer order and tidiness the most!
But with the disorder comes weekends by the firepit watching the leaves fall!
Speaking of sitting by the firepit... Remember those handsome Adirondack
chairs I picked up at the last estate auction we attended two weeks ago?
Well, tonight I came home to find the refinishing process complete! I
just love a man that knows how to keep himself busy... Don't you?
I am especially pleased with my decision to keep them black!
They look just as good as I imagined they would!
Pretty soon the leaves will be gone...
But until they are, I'm going to enjoy Fall outside as often as I can!
Happy Fall, y'all!


  1. To live in your backyard would be a DREAM~
    Terry's a DREAM~boat too! ;)

  2. Those chairs look great! and to answer your question about loving a man who keeps himself busy??? I wouldn't know! lol your hubby does an awesome job on everything he touches.

  3. Beautiful pictures and the chairs turned out fabulous

  4. The chairs are gorgeous!! And I was just thinking myself the other day that fall had finally hit SC. The orange of an autumn leaf is one of my all-time favorite colors.


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