Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meet my New friend!

No, it's not what you're thinking... I did not rush out and buy a third Kitchenaid mixer today. Now, that doesn't mean I wouldn't LOVE to own this sweet little Lavender number. But no. This mixer isn't mine. However, I did own that glass bowl! You see, it's the very same Extra glass bowl I mentioned in this Post last week.  
If you remember, after picking up a stainless steel bowl for my 90th anniversary edition Kitchenaid, I casually asked if anyone reading might need my Spare glass bowl. Of course, I was kidding. However, after receiving the nicest e-mail from Erinne, the first of my readers that promised to give it a good home, I thought, Why not!? 

Although I offered to gift my glass bowl to her without the promise of anything in return, I received a package yesterday filled with the most delightful goodies native to Erinne's part of the country. I promise to show them to you in a future post. But today, I want to introduce you to Erinne. I think she is a special, and truly unique young lady. Erinne's the kind of person you just don't meet every day! 

After hearing her story, Erinne reminds me of a Soldier in the same way that I'm grateful they're out there doing the scary, heartbreaking and difficult things I cannot do. I would say that I sleep better knowing they're out there doing the things I cannot do; however, since one of those soldiers happens to be my Ranger, you know I don't sleep much at all. But I digress...   

What follows is one of the conversations Erinne and I had via e-mail. It occurred to me as I read our exchange for a second time, that it sounded a bit like an interview. And therefore, perfect for sharing with you!

Because I believe her story to be so compelling, I asked Erinne this morning if she would approve of my introducing her to you. Because she said yes, You are in for a treat!

Say hello to Erinne, from the Pacific Northwest!

I am thrilled the bowl made it in one piece and that you love it, Erinne. I have to say... It looks Fantastic on your mixer! 

Do tell... What keeps you busy up there in the Pacific Northwest?

I am a hospice social worker that specializes in working with children who are seriously/terminally ill and their familiesI also lead grief groups for siblings/children of the sick and dying. I have been working in the field for five years. In the last year, I relocated to a smaller town where there are fewer ill children, (praise God) and so currently, I am also working a bit with the elderly population, too.

Excuse me a moment while I blow my nose and mop the tears from my keyboard. Thank you. That's better. So tell me... Obviously you are doing God's work, but what called you to do such meaningful, but heartbreaking work? 

I discovered the field since I lost my mother when I was small, and had grappled with a deep feeling of sadness as a child. I benefited tremendously from adults with compassionate hearts and a willingness to listen as I journeyed through the grief process. During my teen years, I discovered that I loved working with children and decided that in some way I wanted to serve alongside the population of professionals who helped me move through a dark period and into the light that is my life. 

Aside from the obvious challenges of the heart and mind, what are other professional challenges of your job?

The thing I find most challenging about working in hospice is the inevitable grief that accompanies loss. When you have a terminally ill child, life revolves around that child. When the child passes away, life suddenly has to be redefined and often people need help navigating through the process. Of course, I am human, so I get attached to both the families and the children. 

How does the job affect who you are outside the office?

Working with people at the end of their life is something beautiful, challenging, and life changing for me; it truly puts my day-to-day life in perspective. When someone loses their fight for life, it saddens me, too. However, I find that being surrounded by people, who are fighting so hard to live, makes me value my health and life tremendously.

On behalf of all humanity, Erinne, thank you. You are indeed a rare, and precious soul. To have lost your mother so young and yet, to have developed into such a caring, emotionally sensitive young woman speaks to your strength and courage and, to the compassion of those who helped raise you. Nevertheless, your job, as rewarding as it must be, and as much of a blessing you are to the children and to their families, it must take a toll on you. What do you do to cope? To take care of yourself, and to maintain your positive disposition?  

In order to be the best me, I do many things to for myself. I run, run, run, which is good since I love to bake sweet treats and gobble them up. I also spend oodles of time with my family and friends who I adore. Additionally, I like to volunteer a couple times a week at a home for pregnant teens/teen moms, which allows me to both foster and celebrate life; it's a welcome change of pace for me that helps keep me grounded.

So, my dear readers... If you didn't meet an

Angel before you popped in... You have Now!


  1. Thank you for sharing Erinne's story. She is a strong young woman, she deserved your glass mixing bowl and you are so sweet to give it to her. Maybe I should buy one for my mixer, I noticed the color of the mixer really shows through the bowl. My mixer is the copper color, of course. :)

  2. Erinne is an angel. She's also a lot of fun, FULL of spunk, & super cute, too.

    She's been trying to steal my glass bowl ever since I got it so THANK YOU for parting with yours.

    Janet - love your blog. I've shared it with several people and we all agree it's a keeper.

  3. Well hello there Erinne!
    Delighted to meet you!
    How precious are you?
    I think you and Janet are angels!
    And...meant to be FRIENDS!
    You are the PERFECT soul to receive that lovely glass mixing bowl from Janet's beautiful kitchen!
    Thank you for all that you AND Janet do to serve humanity.
    I am blessed to know you both!
    Enjoy your SWEET delights!
    ANd I am loving your LAVENDER Kitchen Aid!

  4. awwwe, now I need to wipe the tears from MY keyboard! What a sweet strong woman!! Thanks for sharing Janet!♥

  5. This could not have gone to a more perfect person. I think you blessed her life ans he is doing for so many others. just awesome.

  6. Janet!!! I love this post...and the bowl and it's lovely new owner. ♥

  7. *•.ɛïɜ .•*¨♥ Now I want a glass mixing bowl for my Lavender kitchenaid mixer...anyone know where I can buy one? :) ♥¨**•.ɛïɜ ..•*


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