Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Yum!

The good people at Sabatino's Lido Shipyard did NOT pay or provide
me with their Products to review... But I'm going to do it any way! We
were grazing our way through Costco this afternoon when I noticed
these Chicken burgers with aged white cheddar and spinach

And next to them, these Angus burgers with
Monterey Jack cheese and a teriyaki glaze

It was worth buying a new Cooler and stopping for ice
so that we could take them home for Dinner tonight! 

They're fully Cooked and even cold, they look good to me!

Some of you know I've been on the CLEAN program for a week now...
I'm happy to tell you that I feel better and have more energy than ever!

Now, before I can indulge in my Chicken burger, I'll need
to portion out my berries for my CLEAN breakfast shakes

I can't lie... I wish these Raspberries were going into
my delicious raspberry Cupcake recipe! But I am
not going to complain... I'm seeing Amazing results
from my CLEAN program, so I'm sticking with it!

Fresh Pineapple! I'll top his Burger with it... However, due
to my peeling method, it won't be with Perfect pineapple rings!

We're both having tomato, but the white Onion is mine!

My chicken burger is 180 calories. His sesame burger buns are 200
calories. Too much for me. So I picked up these 100 calorie buns...

This angus burger Ooooozes juices, and it
smelled ah-Mazing cooking on the grill!

Just the way he Ordered it!

My Sabatino's chicken burger is Delicious! And this 100-calorie bun
is one I would eat even if I were not Counting every stinkin' calorie! 

If you come across these burgers at your Costco... Grab them!


  1. ok, it's 6:40 AM....and you've got me wanting a burger....and I'm not much of a burger girl!!.....I have GOT to check out Costco....there is a fairly new one about 1/2hr+ from me.

    So how much did you lose on the cleanse? I'm seriously considering doing the one Teresa did, but not for as long.

  2. I'm so glad I happened upon your post. I too found the Chicken Burgers at Costco and I absolutely LOVE them! I throw them in the oven & the grill with great results on both fronts.

  3. Omgoodness!
    HOW did I miss this post about the CLEAN program!
    I had NO~IDEA you were doing the CLEAN program!
    I so want to do this!
    And I eat those thin BUNS all the time!
    We have veggie boca burgers on them like every week!


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