Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm a Lush!

A Lush-Fan, that is! Ever since a friend turned me onto Lush products
a couple of years ago, I can't get enough. I've shopped Lush stores
from here to Carmel! I'm SO happy there's a Lush store here in
Raleigh. I'm not so happy that we don't get to Raleigh as often
as I would like to shop Lush. Seriously, I think it's High-time
Charlotte gets a Lush store. Speaking of Charlotte... Spa-boy
popped in on me on his way home to Charlotte from Raleigh
today and guess what he did? Yes! He brought me a Lush-fix!
My favorite Lush product is the bath and shower Bombs. In
fact, I go so crazy gathering up Bath bombs that I never seem to
have time to Explore anything else they have. But not Spa-boy...
He explored! And, he experimented! And, he bought us Whoosh Jelly!
Honestly, immediately after I put the bag into the truck with me, I
began smelling the most refreshing, Clean scent I believe I have ever
enjoyed. I actually arranged to catch the first stop light I came to, Just
so I could figure out what on God's sweet earth was smelling so good!
I had to call Spa-boy for an explanation since there were no instructions
on the box, and Whoosh Jelly isn't in the Lush catalog or on-line yet. Turns
out, it's a solid Shower gel! You pinch off a bit, place it onto your loofah
or puff, and add water. The result is a wonderfully Fragrant, silky gel
My only issue with Spa-boy's gifts to me today is finding a
spot for it in my bathroom's Lush cabinet. Which, I must
say, is a pretty Great problem to have. Thanks, Spa-boy!
(click photo twice to enlarge)


  1. OKay!
    I am completely and utterly...
    That doesn't happen very often!
    I mean like it has probably happened 5 times in my entire LIFE!!!!
    Okay...let me COMPOSE myself!
    Do you know?
    Do you know?
    Do you even KNOW!
    Do you even realize how much I LOVE AND ADORE LUSH BATH BOMBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm sending you a bill!
    I just tried to work my way to your bathroom through my MAC computer screen!!!!!!!!
    Do you know how much LUSH reminds me of our trips to LONDON!!!!
    Greg and I first discovered LUSH in LONDON!
    Now I know it IS in the good ole USA!
    But to find it in LONDON...OMG!
    I didn't even know what it was!
    We discovered it on High Street Kensington.
    And we got bath bombs for every night!
    Like every time we go to London we pop in at LUSH and select our BATH BOMBS for each night!
    I love the one that leaves the little pink flowers in the bottom of the tub!
    And have you ever gotten your MAN the FLYING FOX bath gel!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My Dad and Greg LOVE it!
    Get ready!
    Cause when they shower with it....
    you wanna just RUSH in ATTACK mode!
    Well...that was one reason I ALMOST didn't give it to my dad but I said what the heck...
    my Daddy loves good smelling things!
    Last summer I got Dad a big box of LUSH for Father's Day!
    In fact...I was thinking about having a LUSH giveaway when I hit 500 followers!
    JANET I am AMAZED at all of that LUSH in that cabinet! You are killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lush Bath Bombs remind me so of special nights in London!
    Oh...I am exhausted now!
    I wish I had a BATH BOMB for a bath to soak!
    That SPA - BOY is a DREAM boat!!!!!! ;o)

  2. How fun! I have seen those stores in Manhattan but I have never gone in to check out their products. I'll have to give it a whirl.

  3. LOOK at you cabinet!!! You must be the best-smelling girl in North Carolina!

  4. You must be all clean and look good with all these lovely products from Lush.

  5. I've LOVED Lush since I discovered them in London a decade or so ago. I wanna be friends with Spa-boy! Le Creuset & Lush = Priceless.

  6. I can smell you and your cabinet thru the screen!!!!.......I can't wait to check out that jelly bar!! Our Lush supply is down to one measly portion of a bath bomb ......I'm a fragrance whore!!...on me and my house I LOVE LOVE LOVE to smell good!!


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