Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ice Cream!

The objective: Fudge Ripple Ice Cream
And, chocolate Brownie... the Vehicle for our ice cream!
Okay... Here's the deal. A year ago I was all fired up about Creating my
own delicious, Homemade ice creams. I'd stumbled onto the blog of
David Lebovitz, learned that he is the author of The Perfect Scoop,
and promptly bought it, and the Ice cream maker attachment for my trusty
KitchenAid stand mixer, which David lists as one of the recommended
devices to successful ice cream making. Then, I put it away and did nothing.
Until this week when I received the latest edition of the Williams-Sonoma
catalog and saw this beautiful stainless steel model by Cuisinart! It's on
sale, (Yea!) and with purchase, a $20 gift card bonus. Double-Yea!
Remember the package I mentioned? The one I received this week
from Erinne after I sent her my extra glass mixing bowl? It was filled
with wonderful goodies. One in particular that will come in Handy today!
Oh, Yeah!
So let's get started, Shall we?
The cast... All the Good stuff!
You begin with Sugar into a saucepan
Add to it cream, milk and a bit of heat
After the mixture is Warm, add in the beans of one vanilla pod
Notice the Brownie vehicle for our ice cream is arrived!
After allowing the milk, Cream and vanilla to steep for 30 minutes, reheat
and add the egg Yolks, after tempering them with a bit of the warm
mixture. Cook and stir until the mixture coats the back of your spoon
For the Complete recipe, see it Here. Without the
chocolate covered peanuts, it's Fudge Ripple...
Which is what the man I love asked for!
Cooling my mixture over a quick Ice bath and then into
the refrigerator, while I take a dip in the Pool before the
storm that's looming rolls in and steals my Sunshine!
Nothing says I'm sorry thunder and lightening chased you
from your pool float better than premium Cacao powder!
Made into Fudge Ripple!
After the Custard completely cooled, I poured it into my new ice
cream maker and turned it on to Churn for twenty-five minutes
And it worked! After 25-minutes, I
found perfect, Soft-serve ice cream
If you enjoy creamy, Vanilla soft serve ice cream...
Stop right here!
Which is what I did when he came into the kitchen
and saw me pull the Mixing arm from the machine
He tends to be more Impatient than I am
And who am I to keep him from warm
brownie and decadent Vanilla ice cream?
Now that he has a Spoon in his mouth and his eyes rolled
back into his head... We can go about the business of Ripple!
To achieve fudge ripple, I simply layered my ice cream
with drizzles of the Fudge ripple sauce I made earlier
After an hour in the Freezer, we had perfect Fudge Ripple!


  1. Yummy! And the ice cream making is so chic.

  2. Ooh I've made this ice cream with the peanuts and it is so good! Reminds me of baby sam :-)


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