Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday spent in the garden

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and afternoon here today!
We spent the entire Morning in the gardens
Early summertime, next to Spring, Fall and any snowy Winter is best!
As long as the Trees are full and green I'm pretty happy!
The more trees, the Better!
This Zebra grass came through winter just fine...
I enjoy the spots and the Movement it takes on in a breeze
Well, Hello! Looks like I have some Competition for the pool today!
Don't you dare! We're having our Lunch up
here, and you have Bugs to eat elsewhere, I'm sure!
Seriously... My chair is not big enough for the Two of us, mister!
That's better. You stay Down there!
You're looking for Trouble now, little froggy!
Keep this up and you might just end up in a real Pie somewhere!
I'm being Stalked by a toad!
What do you want? You realize that we can't Snuggle, right?
And you may not Phone-home!
Are you looking for Sunscreen?
While my Frog plays by the pool, I'll show you more of the
garden. Here we have the Veg-patch. Look at those tomatoes go!
All the plants I picked out for him to Plant are
doing Fantastically well here on the deck!
I pick. He plants. They grow. It's a great Arrangement we have!
Speaking of great arrangements. Let me show you his, (my) Hydrangeas!
Magnificent summer hydrangeas!
All the hydrangeas are Very happy here next to the creek
These cool blue Mopheads are my favorite!
These Lacecap hydrangeas are beautiful too
This variegated Lacecap is another favorite. The little bloom
beads look like cupcake Sprinkles to me! Okay... That's all for
our Garden tour today. I'm going to head back into the pool!
It's safe for me to return to my Float now since our little
Froggy appears to have been trapped into the skimmer!


  1. What a crazy little frog looking out to play in the pool and get a little sun. ha ha!

  2. Oh this is the cutest post ever!
    What a silly little frog...what a cutie too!
    We love to go on frog hunts at night in the summer at the farm.
    ANd the frogs have little the water drains...that they hop in and out of.
    It's sad when they get trapped in the pool...
    and in the skimmer.
    I know you saved him!
    Looks like you had a lovely day by the pool.
    I just CAN'T imagine a day by the pool!
    I've been in the Norhwest too long.
    We don't do POOL DAYS in the Northwest!
    I bet you have the sweetest tan.
    And I bet your tanned feet look so good in those cute sandals you featured not long ago!
    Well I do believe your garden is the loveliest I have ever seen!
    And I do believe that iphone/blackberry is the cutest EVER!!!!!!! love it!
    Oh....what a LUCKY littte frog that is too!
    Getting to hang with you all day!

  3. Beautiful!!! I love your little frog. I have a toad that comes up on my front porch sometimes. :-)

  4. What a happy post to read with my morning coffee. I just love your little froggy. Such a cultured little guy for reading The English Garden. Maybe if you kiss him he'll turn into a handsome pool boy for you. We know you don't need a prince since you already have one. :)

  5. Those greens, those plants, those grass, I love. I love, i love, i love. You have made my day more brighter! And that frog is beautiful on your chair. Nice pictures

  6. Too cute! Did he charge a modeling/acting fee?

    Your gardens and yard are amazing! They are so lush and soothing.



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