Friday, June 11, 2010

Solving a Garden trouble spot!

When Liz of Hoosier Homemade asked me to participate in the Summer blog party she planned, I was quite happy to accept. And, when she shared with me her idea for my assigned Topic, gardening how-to, I knew exactly what I wanted to share with you. Not because I'm this terrific gardener, oh no! Because I'm not!

About all I know about proper gardening is how to enjoy it. Fortunately, I am married to a Brilliant hobby-gardener. He plans, he executes, and Everything he plants thrives, and in most cases, multiplies!

I titled this post Solving a Garden trouble spot because it's exactly what he did... In a Big way! The addition of a koi pond and shade garden in a spot in our back yard that almost never gets any sunshine, and is almost always damp was the perfect solution for a space that was otherwise unusable. Having said that, my husband insists I tell you that there are, No garden trouble spots... Only plants put where they don't belong.

This slight disagreement aside... I would like you share with you what I believe was a trouble spot in our garden solved in a most delightful way.

In this area of our rear Garden behind the house, there are no less than
eight huge trees. Their spring, summer and fall Canopies makes this
a decent place to hang out to Escape the heat; however, the shade
created by the trees makes it next to Impossible to cultivate a lush,
green lawn. So what to do? He suggested a pond. I said no pond!

I just couldn't see it...

But he could. And so, the Pond and
shade garden that would Frame it began

It was quite the project... And, I had absolutely nothing to do with
it. Except to come home every day and Marvel at the progress!

Pretty soon, his Vision came to life and I began
to see exactly what he was so Excited about

With the addition of a deck, this area became More than just a koi pond
and shade garden. It became another Outside room. A place to hang
out and Relax apart from the pool, firepit area and deck off the house

It was at this point I began to see the Error of my ways. And,
when we went Shopping for our first bunch of fish, I was all in!

The fact that the View was improving helped too!

And, it's only gotten Better over time!

With the addition of fish and water plants, our pond was complete

Speaking of plants! While a lawn is a No-no back here... Other plants,
such as Ferns, hostas, creeping jenny and Japanese maples, love it!

An added Bonus of having the pond is all the wild life it attracts

In summer, when the Hostas bloom,
their sweet fragrance fills this area!

I didn't expect so many plants to bloom in this Shady, moist
garden. But the fact is, there is something Blooming from early
spring, right into late Fall. Here is one of my favorites - Toad Lily

It's the perfect compliment to the ferns and hostas that surround it

And speaking of Hostas!

Hostas fascinate me. They disappear completely from the
garden following the first Frost, and return faithfully each
spring to produce these wondrous bouquets of green

Deer love Hostas too! The secret to having both is to
offer the Deer something else besides your hostas!

We offer cracked corn. And plenty of
it, since it's also what the Ducks like!

Of course, it's important to keep Feeding after the hostas go to sleep too!

In winter, the pond shade garden disappears. However, the pond
and trees continue to offer plenty of Visual interest and appeal

Early spring, as things awaken and summer, when things
are at their peak are my Favorite times of year at the pond

But honestly, there isn't a bad time to be at the pond. Even in
a heavy down-pour, the Trees high above act as a natural
umbrella so that we can continue to Enjoy time by the pond

I enjoy that we always have little Visitors!

They come. They eat. They swim, and Nap. Right at our feet!

If you have a shady, moist area in your garden, Hostas are for you!

And of course, a pond too. If you're so inclined...

I assure you... You'll never regret the small initial effort
it takes for such tremendous and Continuous reward

Aside from feeding the Fish and cleaning the
pond filter, this Garden takes care of itself

No weeding. No trimming. All enjoying!

Which is exactly what I like in a garden!

I hope you've enjoyed this Tour of our koi pond and
shade garden. I've certainly Enjoyed having you along!


  1. WOW! Janet! I just can't find enough great words to say how gorgeous your yard is!
    Can I live with you? :-)
    Thanks so much for sharing on Blog Party!I REALLY appreciate it!

  2. Hi, Hoosierhomemade's DH here. Very nice outdoor get-a-way. Your husband did a great job there, nice use of varying textures.

  3. You did a good job honey...and those creatures, just made it much more the birds! They probably love visiting

    Musings Of An Army Wife

  4. I'm going to have to remember that phrase about not having bad spots just having wrong plants in those spots. something to think about, not that I have many plants. ha ha!

    Very inspirational and the pond is perfect. Great job Terry!

  5. Your shade garden/pond area are beautiful and my favourite thing about this post is how to took us from one season to another. The parting photo of the Canada Geese in flight is stunning!

  6. That's a truly gorgeous spot to relax and unwind.


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