Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday sunshine and Butterflies on my toes!

Before I take you outside with me I have to tell you that the birthday
cake I created for my friend's daughter was the hit Monica promised it
would be! Turns out, it was as pretty Inside as it was on the outside. And,
since my sweet friend dropped a piece off for us to Taste, I can tell you
it was fantastic! I can also tell you that I'll be making this Cake again!
Oh, and my frog-Prince cookie favors were a hit too! If you wish
to create your own frog-Prince cookies, you must hop on over to
visit - They have everything you'll need!
And never forget that I could never bake a single cookie
as well as I do without Bridget of Bake at 350! She
taught me everything I know about sugar cookies

I heard a thumping at the kitchen window as I wrapped up my
cookies... When I looked out, I saw this little guy staring back at me!

Today was a beautiful day to be outside in the Sunshine!

The gardens were Full of butterflies!

The butterfly bushes around the Solarium are doing a great job...

Attracting swarms of butterflies!

And that's fine by me!

Gives Bing something else to watch besides the Birds and squirrels

Every Sunday should be blue skies and butterflies!

Oh! And, juicy Bumblebees!

Bzzzzzy bees!

I could watch butterflies Dance all day

I especially Love that they don't mind me!

Everything blooming in the Gardens
right now seems to Attract butterflies

We spent the afternoon in the pool

Where the butterflies kept landing on my toes!
And, on his rump!
There were Butterflies on my toes wherever I went today!


  1. I'm trying to catch up some....Janet this cake looks and sounds fabulous!!! and that pool is to die for!! With the temps we've had lately, I would be in there every second I had!!

  2. Those butterflies are just precious! What a beautiful weekend you had. I'm off to print that cake recipe. My mouth is watering over here!

  3. So cute! And that cake is perfection. Truly gorgeous. I wish I could frost like that!

    GREAT froggie cookies!

    Be blessed-

  4. I so wished we had a pool today. It was so dang hot at 98 degrees that I wanted so badly to strip and run in our backyard for a dip. So nice that you were welcomed with butterflies too.

    So glad you liked the cake. Even though I love it, I'm always nervous when someone makes something off my blog because I fer they won't like it as much as I do. That slice looks perfect.

  5. Janet, you have the most beautiful gardens... What loveliness!

    I really have to stop at {Bake at 350"}

    Enjoy your beautiful spot on the planet! ~Maria

  6. Cake, frogs, butterflies, and pools...sounds like the perfect summer!

  7. Just beautiful! What I would give for a pool like that! Very relaxing! And that die for! I love how your simple decorations make it look so elegant.
    I'd love to see you link up to Weekend Warriors again :-)

  8. What a lovely post, pictures are great. Your place looks beautiful. No wonder the frogs and butterflies like to visit. Too funny with the little froggie watching you wrap *his* cookies. Glad the cake was a hit. It was beautiful.


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