Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summertime baked Chicken

Yesterday was a tricky weather day. One
minute we were Floating around the pool...
Napping... Just to be Completely honest
The next minute, we were Dashing across the
yard to avoid huge, Splattering rain drops!
Since we had to cut our pool-Nap short, I thought I would
throw together some yummy Summertime baked chicken
The recipe glaze was pretty simple to throw together... Catsup,
honey, soy sauce and Garlic powder. Pretty much your basic
barbecue sauce. But you know I can't do chicken, or steak
or fish without a little help from John Pisto! Every time I go
home in Monterey I hunt it down at Monte Vista Market
and bring home as much as I can Stuff into my suitcases!
Speaking of hunting things down... When I discovered this
recipe for glazed baked chicken required it to be Baked over
a rack on a sheet pan, I had to go Buy one especially for that
purpose. Because, really, using one of my Six pretty sheet pans
I use to bake my sugar cookies to bake glazed Chicken was not
happening! So I popped over to Southeastern Restaurant Supply
for a new sheet pan that I will dedicate to Sticky chicken and this...
It's a lovely, Three-pound sifter! Do you know how handy this will
be when I'm sifting powdered sugar for Royal icing? And, take a
look at the price! Retail, $28.67. Their price... $17.36. I said, Sold!
Now... Onto our Summertime baked chicken!
The recipe called for thighs. But I'm more of a Boneless
breast girl when it comes to chicken. Therefore,
it was thighs for him and Breasts for me!
The recipe required I bake the chicken at 350 Degrees for an hour,
basting with the Glaze every 20 minutes. This is after the first bake...
This is after the second Baste and bake... Smells ah-mazing!
And, this is after the third, and Final
glaze and bake. I served this at Lunch...
With white Rice!
And for dinner, I reheated the chicken through on the Grill
and served it with potato salad. It was Delicious both times!


  1. YUM!
    Sorry you were rained out, but I'm glad you had the time to cook up something good!

  2. Oh mehn, that looks really good. I love the idea of the tray on the stove. I never tried that. I am a new army wife....my husband is off to BCT/OCS...just learning the ropes right now.


  3. That chicken sounds amazing right about now!!!

  4. I've got like 3 of those sifters, ya should have told me you needed one!

    That chicken looks so sticky and deliicous. I'm a breast girl too (ha ha!) so I 'll have to try it out your way. yum!

  5. Oh janet!
    I know that bbque was so good with the white fluffy rice!
    YOu make everything sooooo special!
    Only YOU would bring home special seasoning from California!
    And I am tellin ya!
    That is ONE HEAVY DUTY sifter!
    You are in the BIG LEAUGE using that BABY!
    Love it!
    I sure wish I had a place like that to buy baking supplies!
    I probably do...but just haven't found it.


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