Sunday, October 18, 2009

Box lot. A lot!

Before I share my Auction finds with you I have to
show you what we found at Costco today!

Looks like a Huge bon-bon, huh?

But it's not! It's a chocolate and
caramel covered Granny smith apple!

So good!

Yesterday afternoon we took a little drive up to Wilksboro to attend
the monthly showroom Auction at the Great State Auction company. We
go mostly for the Entertainment. Some of the attendees are pretty interesting
and the auction house Staff is always good for hours of hysterically funny
commentary. Not just about the items up for auction either. They get
pretty riled up about the Bidding performance, or lack thereof of their
crowd too. We've witnessed a Brawl between customers and we were
present when the owner of the auction house called everyone cheap
so-and-so's and ordered everyone to leave. No. Seriously - It's Fun!

I'm here at the Kitchen sink washing up all the items from
the Box lot we picked up and it looks like I'm being watched!

By this beautiful Cardinal in the butterfly bush!

He's watching me from Feeder too!

Of course, his Sweetheart is here too!

Okay! Everything is clean now... I had zero interest in this Box lot, but there
was a 1973 Frankoma pottery plate to commemorate the signing of the
Declaration of Independence that Mr. B wanted. So he bid on the box... And,
was high bidder for only $20.00. When we got home we found the Plate he
wanted is a pretty common e-Bay piece worth about $7.00. However, a few
of the other pieces made the box worth quite a bit more than $20.00! For
instance, this Vase... It's not a piece I'd buy in a store, but it's not horrible

It's stamped Italy and the stand is marked Italy Himark. Given
the size of our spring and summer cutting Gardens, I believe
that I might be able to put this vase to good use!

Now this Funky little tureen is the Find of the box lot...
It's Mikasa's Day Dreams and it's exactly like this one!

It came Complete with its ladle too, which I decided
to use here in the Tureen I have in the dining room!

When I saw this meat platter I immediately liked it because I'm always
looking for something to bring things into the kitchen from
the Grill. Finding out that it's Theodore Haviland, New
York made it even better. Take a look at this one!

These tiny vases were also in the box. They are
marked, Make in Occupied Japan. Not my
thing but as part of the box... Why not?

Here's a pretty English breakfast plate - just an Odd-ball piece

Perhaps something to serve Crumpets on at breakfast!

Here we have a set of mixing bowls by Pyrex. These were
super-filthy! But, after a good scrub with Soft scrub in
scalding hot water, they revealed themselves to be in
Never-used condition. You know me... I can always
use another set of bowls! And, I'm more than
happy to give old Pyrex a new lease on Life!

Love them!

This is the last piece of our Box lot. It's Spode - and alone,
this little dish makes our $20 box lot worth every penny!

Did you know that today is National chocolate cupcake day?
Well, it is. And I can't think of a Better way to break
in my box lot set of Pyrex bowls! Can you?

Oh! I also Picked this up at Costco today!
It's a Chef's kitchen gel mat. It's going
to make all the hours I spend at my
island a whole lot easier on my feet!

Now excuse me while I go ice some cupcakes!


  1. There is so much here to comment on, so let me just say...I love it all! From the apple to the cardinals to the dishes! :)

  2. i'm laughing at your Y&R husband watches it with me and has since we were in college...i guess i started watching it 15 years is getting more and more stupid...amen!!! i see all those commercials for the B&B and it's stupid too...and i remember GRACE when she was sharon's friend on Y&R! wow! anyway..i could gab on and on about the show...thanks for the compliments on the house...i copied your countertops!!! ; ) you were the ONLY blog i could find with those countertops...isn't that funny? allrighty....have a great week!!!


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