Monday, October 5, 2009

Mini Pumpkin pies and More cookies!

The moment I saw These I knew I would be making them this
week! First of all, they are too Cute not to try. And, second of all,
Brandon just got home and since he enjoys Pumpkin pie... Why not?!

I should be icing the 60 cookies I need to finish for the bake sale to benefit
the Surry County Hospice this weekend - But this looks like Way more fun!

I think this is as Thin as I can go...

Maybe I should have rolled thinner because I didn't get twelve
pumpkins out of each sheet of my Pie dough like the recipe says

Oh well! On we go...

Finally! A good reason to break out my new mini-Muffin pan!

Boy, this sure smells like Thanksgiving pumpkin pie!

A bit of egg-Wash around the edges

All filled up and ready to bake... In you go,
Little pies. Go on and do your thing now!

Wow! They actually do look like tiny Pumpkin pies!

I love it when a great Recipe comes together!


Brandon just popped into the Kitchen and asked me if I used melted
chocolate to draw the little Faces on my mini pumpkin pies. When I
told him that I did, he said he thinks I have too much time on my hands

That may very well be true, I told him. But since he's potty
trained, and in the Army now, what else have I got to do?

And to that comment, my Ranger gave me this face!
Okay, enough stalling. My cookies aren't going to Ice
themselves... So I better get going on making the Royal icing

The last four of my mini Pumpkin pies are done. Oh,
by the way... This little dab of Chocolate is great but
when you try these, don't forget the Whipped cream!

Okay. Brandon says he's Hungry now. Lucky for him I whipped up some
of my Chicken enchiladas before we left for the airport to get him!

Otherwise, his Welcome-home dinner would have
taken me much longer to prepare this evening, and he
probably would have talked me into ordering Chinese!

Every time I make these Cookies I say, Never again... But then I get
results like this and I can't wait for an Excuse to do it all over again!

I hope these Autumn leaves help raise lots of green for Hospice!

Gosh! Look at the time... I better call it a day. Besides, our
Brandon is home again so I'm going to sleep like a baby!

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  1. Your son is so handsome!!!

    And, those cookies are mighty good-looking, too! ;)


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