Friday, October 9, 2009

Let me Prepare you a steak!

Woke up just in time to catch the Martha Stewart show this morning
and Boy, am I glad I did! Today's guest Chef was Chef Francis
Mallman from Argentina and before he could finish describing
potato galette, I had my Shopping list already made out!

Fresh sage, smoked Bacon and beef tenderloin filet. Unless
you're a Vegetarian, does it get any better than this?

First step is to simmer the Bacon in water for five minutes

Slicing my potatoes... I gave away the old Mandolin I had for
more than ten years in Favor of this new model put out by
the Pampered Chef... But after using it I can tell you I wish
that I had my old one back because this one has an annoying
little Safety feature that makes it much harder to use!

Eventually, I got it to work though... And, I guess sliced
potatoes minus finger cuts is a Good thing after all!

I really need to rename my Blog... I'm thinking
something like, If I can do it so can you!

Too cute!

I haven't even cooked these steaks, and already they Smell amazing!

The only Veg for a meal like this must be broccoli!

Before we can start our potato Galette, we must clarify our butter!

Because sometimes, butter needs Clarification! Now I'll admit I didn't
strain my butter through Cheesecloth like the recipe said. I just pretended
I was doing this like in the Olden days before they had such a thing. Or, like
I lived somewhere where Williams-Sonoma or Auto Zone don't exist!

Seasoning our steaks with Cracked black pepper and kosher salt

It took me an hour today to find my
cast Iron skillet - But I finally found it!

Since I only have one cast iron skillet I used my
stainless Steel for the galette. Should be okay...

Such a Simple dish... The only real requirement is a good Exhaust fan!

I must Confess that I didn't quite follow the recipe on the steaks exactly... Instead
of finishing them on the stove, after Crisping the bacon wrap, I slipped my skillet
into a 400 degree oven for the last 15 minutes. These steaks Melted in our mouth!

Look! I've managed to Create a real potato galette! Doing
it in my stainless steel skillet worked just fine!

This was the First time I went to the effort, which truthfully, was no real effort
at all, to wrap my filets with bacon. Having done it tonight I can tell you it's a
step I will never Skip again! The bacon adds so much flavor to the meat. Also, until
Martha's show, I would never have paired fresh Sage with steak... Now I simply
can't imagine eating a Filet any other way. This meal was Incredible!

What? You're still here? What are you waiting
for? Shoo! Grab your keys, and get over to
the Market with your Shopping list now!

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