Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday... The Wilton 1974 way!

When I saw this vintage Wilton cake pan set, I immediately had to have it. After a
little more Research, I learned this pan is part of a multi-pan set Wilton put out
in 1974. There are twelve different inserts that fit into a 10" baking ring. I was
high bidder yesterday on the Pumpkin insert, and can't wait to own it too!  

There's something Funky, and kinda Hippie about this pan I like!

I know from baking with other Wilton character and
sculpted pans that light colored cake Batter works best. So
today my Hippie-Happy Birthday cake will be strawberry!

Here's Hoping!

Ha! It looks great!

I turned my cake out onto my cake stand, and slipped Parchment
triangles under the edges to keep the Doily clean while I decorate 

I'm not going to the Effort of whipping up buttercream
this evening. We'll just let Duncan take care of it for me!

I'm using a #16 Wilton star tip to decorate the top of my cake

You could Decorate this design so many different ways. Use the favorite colors
of your Birthday boy or girl... Outline the letters with different Colors, use
a different color for each letter... Or just make a Rainbow out of it!

I'm just going Pink and white this time!

Like this!

Are you Celebrating a birthday today? If you
are, consider yourself Wished a happy one!

No one here is having a Birthday today... Just cake!


  1. Your cake looks absolutely gorgeous. Yum-yum... Former owner of the pan. so, glad it went to a happy home.

  2. Wow, that's so cool! And, I love that no one was having a birthday! Janet, you are so fun!

  3. Love birthday cake on a non-birthday day! Such a cute find.

  4. It was delish!! (thanks for having your hubby bring a few slices to class!) :)


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