Monday, October 26, 2009

A discussion project for your Gardening class

The front-yard Japanese Maple
is putting on quite the show!
This post is for Mr. B's gardening class and Instructor. Before you get to
the photos of his latest garden project, allow me to Thank you and
the class for taking my Hippie-happy birthday cake off my hands
tonight. You've helped free up my cake stand for my next
decorating project... This funky-Pumpkin I received today!
How fun to find it in its Original
packaging... I do love unused Vintage things!
Okay. Here is the project... It's all about the Japanese
Maples! This one in the foreground is my Absolute favorite!
Click any photo once to enlarge
My #2 favorite is this Beauty!

At these Discounted prices, we bought every tree they had!
On our way to Charlotte last night we found October Glory Red Maples
at the Home Depot in Statesville. They are a Must-have for the
landscape so he went back to pick up two today. Well, he almost
got two - Turns out one is not October Glory so guess who will
be back in Statesville tomorrow? October Glory Maples glow, right?
Because we're all about the Glow here!
The more my Autumn glows, the happier I am!
Have a Great class tonight!


  1. I didn't realize the firepit was that big! So Nice. Loving the Maples... We need to retire to a place with lots of Japanese Maples.

  2. Hey! There are a couple of houses on our road for sale. Say the word and I'll act as your Realtor - minus the commish!

    Would LOVE to have a friend nearby! But not just any friend... Has to be you!


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