Friday, October 30, 2009

Let's do some Halloween decorating!

I cannot tell you how many Different ways I've tried to achieve
this poofy icing Swirl on my cupcakes. I've snipped dozens of zippy
bags, I've tried to pipe through a coupler and I've even stood
on my head, which interestingly enough worked better
than the Snipped off zippy bags! But nothing worked
until I got super Lucky and met blogger Monica!

She told me this Magic happens for her through the
use of the Wilton 1A decorating tip. And then, she sent me Two!
Thank you, Monica - You're sweeter than my Icing!

Okay. You know how I am... When I stumble onto something I find
interesting I just can't let it go until I hunt it down, buy everything
I can get my hands on and then bang it out until I get tired of it,
or I become distracted by something else. Such was the case
with these vintage Wilton cake pans from the mid-70's

There are 12 sculpted cake pans that fit into a ten-inch
ring. I first saw the Happy Birthday insert, then I had to have
the Jack-o-Lantern and the santa and the... I love e-Bay!

Last week I baked the Happy Birthday insert... And this
afternoon I received a special request to bake the Jack-o-Lantern
for our Halloween weekend. So let's decorate... Don't forget this Tip!  

Easy-peasy-Lemon-squeezie! Except for those
blasted Leaves. I just couldn't get them right...

So I'm just going to Ignore them and say
it Looks like a Jack-o-Lantern cake to me!

Not a bad First attempt!

He said I missed a Spot... I told him to use his
imagination. Pumpkin stems are brown. Right?

It's late. I got a little Lazy on these last cupcakes. So
good night. I hope your Halloween is a Sweet one!


  1. You are far from lazy- you made cupcakes and a cake in one evening and decorated them!

    Your cupcakes turned out so cute. Have a happy Halloween!

  2. Wilton 1A, huh? I have to investigate that. My icing never looks pretty! Love your cake, too!


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