Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Saturday!

We began our Halloween Saturday at the Leinbach estate auction
because I agreed to be Spa-boy's proxy bidder on a piece of Heisey
glass he noticed would be up for auction there. Imagine our
surprise when we found Honest Abe was there too!
I wonder what in those boxes interests him... Perhaps
he'll come across an old playbill for Tom Taylor's,
Our American Cousin and find out how it ends
After the Leinbach auction we headed over to High Point to
check out another estate auction. We didn't find anything there that
we couldn't live without so we took a little drive to explore the area
On our way home we stopped at our Favorite garden shop
because there was a Tree he couldn't wait to show me!
I said... This one? Yes, I'll take it!
He said, No silly. This one!
And I said, Are you sure?
He was sure. Seems that he was here
yesterday to pay for it. So off we went!
After a quick stop at the Market to grab everything I need to make
a fabulous Dinner to watch Yankees baseball over, we came home!
Home is good...
Very good!


  1. And what about the gorgeous red one? I want that one!

  2. Me too! He says we have one in the garden... I didn't believe him so I made him show it to me. It's there, but it's MUCH smaller! I want the Big one! :-)


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